Inventor Adolphe Sax: The one who caused death five times to surrender!

Known as the inventor of the Saxophone, the sexy sound of the opening song "Careless Whisper" has captured the hearts of generations of music lovers. Parallel to that, Adolphe Sax (1814 - 1894) is also famous for the "Reject death" technique , the proof is that no matter how many times the death knocks on the door to ask how many times, he still . ignored and average sleep pillow.

From the age of 3, Aldolphe Sax marked his "immortal" turning point with the first accident, when he fell from 3 floors of the stairs to the ground and banged his head on the stone floor. Many reports were recorded: where he told him to be in a coma for a week, and where Sax was bedridden during that time . But the results were the same: he was still living his wrinkled teeth!

That same year, Sax mischievously continued to put a giant needle into his stomach, but probably born on time "son of heaven" so . nothing happens, if you eat it, it will be discharged. After a week, he continued to gulp down a cup of . sulfuric acid (exactly H 2 SO 4 , that horrible chemical!).

Picture 1 of Inventor Adolphe Sax: The one who caused death five times to surrender!
This is Mr. Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the "Reject death" technique!

Some time later, it was not clear how Sax would fall into a hot stove and burn himself. Fortunately, the wound was not severely infected, although a part of his body was permanently scarred.

As long as the accident is enough to make a child feel scared of the outside world, but for Sax, this is just the beginning of a game! At the age of 10, Sax fell into the river and almost always went to the "golden spring" if he did not get stuck near a windmill and was saved by a kind farmer.

Picture 2 of Inventor Adolphe Sax: The one who caused death five times to surrender!
Death .

Originally born in a well-off family and a true warm boy, but that seems to be just to comfort the unlucky fate of Sax only! A few years later, in a "waiting for" workers working at a family factory, a container of gunpowder suddenly exploded and guessed who was standing nearby? Of course Sax, for some reason he still remained unharmed after that .

Too tired of being destroyed by fate and demons, Sax did everything to avoid the accident, but sadly, the accident did not want to avoid him! During a walk on the street, a large piece of stone on the roof suddenly "lowered the ground" hit Sax's head and made him unconscious for a long time . Then one beautiful morning, suddenly Sax He jumped up and shouted, "I'm still alive, Mom!".

After all, Adolphe Sax is still living well and living well, despite the programmed life of how many accidents for him.

Perhaps the accident god was fed up with the face of Adolphe Sax, so this time, the sick god was forced to take action. As a reminder, Adolphe Sax was the inventor of the Saxophone blower, because of having to suck and experiment too much caused him to . lip cancer. But after 6 years of treatment, the tumor gave up and returned the beautiful life to Sax.

In the end, the grim reaper successfully "won the soul" Adolphe Sax, when he peacefully passed away at the age of 79 in Paris. But it is also because of the "birth, old age, sickness, death" rule of man!

Although less fortunate with death, but in return, he is very suitable for the accident "falling from the sky". The mother of Sax herself, Marie-Joseph once had to say: "He is a child cursed by the devil with misfortune, he will not live." Neighbors also favor him nicknamed "Little Sax, unjust soul long live"!

So according to you, the inventor Adolphe Sax is an unlucky person or a person that even "the god of death" must be bored too?

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