Mysterious genius mechanic and the machine froze time

The whereabouts of the genius mechanic and his time machine are still a mystery that many believe only the Israeli army knows.

Scientists for many centuries are still finding the answer to the question of whether or not a travel time machine . In the 80s of last century, many people believed that a mechanic came from Canada and not a physicist or genius inventor who solved this conundrum.

Sid Hurwich , born in 1918 is a equipment repairer, a Jew living in Toronto Canada. From a young age, Hurwich was very interested in assembling machines. When he reached adulthood, the famous Hurwich was a universal person who could fix everything broken.

In 1934, the Hurwich became famous throughout Canada as the first private equipment repairer. His skills are so good that a local power company has to find a way to get him out of the military to develop the infrastructure of public utilities.

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Sid Hurwich.(Photo: MTE).

With his reputation, Hurwich quickly collected money to open 2 individual companies. However, after a heart attack when he was 36, he decided to retire.

Even so, Hurwich continued to study different devices until he invented a device that many people claim could "freeze" or change time. This machine is also capable of manipulating objects at a distance.

In 1969, when the wave of bank robberies swept through Toronto, Hurwich contacted the police, asking them to use their machines to capture them.

The Vancouver Sun Times quoted an officer as saying that Mr. Hurwich " frozen" his gun to prove the machine's effectiveness.

"He froze my gun. I couldn't pull the trigger, couldn't lift it off the table," the officer said.

At that time, Mr. Hurwich explained the mechanism of his time machine, how it stopped time in 25 minutes, causing the gun to fall into such a state.

This story then comes to the Israeli army. They are said to have contacted and persuaded the Canadian mechanic to transfer them to this machine.

In an article published in 1977, the British Foreign Report described Hurwich's device as a device for releasing electric rays that changed the natural structure of the electronic field and the focus of various types of devices and weapons. gas. "Thanks to Hurwich's principle, the beams aggregate into a barrier to protect the entire area from bombs and missiles," the newspaper wrote.

However, many people still sell information about the story. They argue that if you own a device that can create a shield of bombs, bullets, freezing weapons or even slowing or stalling time, the Israeli army will become invincible rather than suffer much. casualties for decades of conflict in the Middle East.

However, some argue that even if the Israeli army uses this machine, it is a double-edged sword. It can glaze an enemy's weapon, ie it will also freeze the weapon of the device user.

In True Time Travel Stories, Bull Bullantant argued that the drawback was that the device was only used to disable enemy radar and electronic equipment, but could not be used in direct confrontations. next.

Many people continued to talk about this strange machine, but for years, there have been no stories about it after the 1977 article in V ancouver Sun Times.

What happened later with Mr. Hurwich was also unclear. By the time he died, no one could find an objection to any of his information, as if he had evaporated without a trace.

During a time when he talked about his invention to the police, Sid said that his machine was not a new invention.

"It's designed based on known principles. I suddenly thought about it one day. When I heard about bank robberies, I knew it could help ," he said.

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