The farmer mechanic invented a useful banker

Mr. Duong Quoc Thai, 45 years old, resides in Hau My Bac B commune, Cai Be district (Tien Giang) is famous as a passionate creator of mechanical machinery to effectively serve Dong agricultural mechanization program. in the Mekong River.

Previously, he designed and built successfully the 6040 SU rig, which helped speed up the mechanization of farmers' land preparation.

The useful operation rigs were awarded the consolation prize at the 11th Tien Giang Technical Innovation Contest (2014-2015).

Picture 1 of The farmer mechanic invented a useful banker
Mr. Duong Quoc Thai commissioned the bank testing machine.(Photo: Minh Tri-VNA).

After that, Mr. Duong Quoc Thai continued to fabricate shore embankment successfully. This machine has excellently won the second prize at the 12th Tien Giang Technical Innovation Contest (2016-2017), the consolation prize at the 15th National Technical Innovation Contest (2018-2021); At the same time, it is recognized as one of the typical rural industrial products of Tien Giang province.

This machine is also granted the exclusive trademark by the industry.

Meeting Mr. Thai right at Quoc Thai mechanical workshop located along Nguyen Van Tiep canal (Hau My Bac B commune, Cai Be commune) can understand all the enthusiasm and hard work of the rural mechanic in many conditions. difficult and limited in all aspects.

Previously, Mr. Duong Quoc Thai learned the job of repairing agricultural and fishery machinery with a relative. After that, he opened a repair workshop in Hau Quoi hamlet, Hau My Bac B commune, where he now works.

In the process of repairing machinery for the people, he found that most agricultural equipment are imported products from advanced countries with very high prices, with designed machines that are not suitable for river areas. canal, swampy and muddy in Dong Thap Muoi area.

With a passion for technical innovation and talent and experience accumulated during the repair process, he boldly researched and manufactured the products that farmers needed for cultivation.

Picture 2 of The farmer mechanic invented a useful banker
He boldly researched and built products that farmers needed for cultivation.(Photo: Minh Tri / VNA).

Initially, it was designed and built successfully with a 6040 SU rig, followed by a shoring machine. These are agricultural products that are very useful for local farmers.

Talking about the shore-cover machine, Mr. Duong Quoc Thai said, he had to search and invest in the psychological research not less than two years.

Through many failures, unsuitable designs have to be improved and overcome, he has finally produced a perfect embankment machine, sleek designs, efficient operation, and being marketed in the country. Popularity.

This machine specializes in covering the fields or banks, reinforcing the degraded fields.

The machine is made up of the shore face picker, the land filler and the rolling unit, pressing the shore surface.

The machine has a hanging mechanism attached to the back of the tractor. The drive system of the machine is connected to the tractor's output axis with appropriate calculated gear ratios, to make the machine work stably and achieve high efficiency.

The shoring machine has a compact structure, when working, it is attached behind a 4-wheel tractor, suitable for the Southern field and high working efficiency (average of 1,250m / hour, equivalent to the working capacity of 33 workers in the same time).

Therefore, every day the machine can cover 10,000m of shore. Meanwhile, the machine is very cheap, only from 20-30 million VND / machine.

Mr. Duong Quoc Thai said that at present, on average, each month, Quoc Thai mechanical factory produces and sells in the market from 15-20 shore machines, all of which are pre-ordered by farmers.

Customers are mainly in the Eastern and Southwestern provinces. Mr. Nguyen Van Tri, a resident of Soc Trang province, ordered a banker, said he liked the machine in terms of high performance, sleek design and acceptable price.

In his hometown, there were people who bought a machine from Quoc Thai mechanical workshop to use it, the machine worked very well. Accordingly, Mr. Tri went directly to visit and was very pleased to invest in buying a machine. embankment to use.

Improved hoofs and shoring machines are the two famous and very successful products of the garden mechanic, Dong Thap Muoi Quoc Thai.

The above success continued to encourage him in the future to have more useful solutions and inventions to serve the agricultural mechanization program in the southern provinces in the direction of 'Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods.'

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh, Vice Chairman of Tien Giang Union of Science and Technology Associations highly appreciated the creative spirit in researching and manufacturing agricultural and fishery machinery for agricultural mechanization program at Mekong Delta.

The products of 'gardeners' deserve to win high prizes in technical innovation competitions recently thanks to new, creative, effective applications in practical production, favored by farmers. favor and trust.

Mr. Duong Quoc Thai said, he is researching to manufacture rowing machines combined with spraying pesticides.

Hopefully this new product will soon be launched, meeting the demand of mechanization of rice intensification in the Mekong Delta, farmers benefit, and help improve the quality of rice seeds for domestic and export. password

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