'Barefoot engineer' invents a pipeless pump

Passionate with science and technology, farmers Do Van Truong, residing in Group 1, Tan Binh ward, Tam Diep city (Ninh Binh province) have been self-searching, investigating and inventing the pump with the effects High practical use results in agricultural production.

Mr. Truong's initiative is highly appreciated by many scientists thanks to its applicability, creativity and many awards at scientific and technical competitions in and outside the province. At the 7th Congress of Vietnamese Farmers, the term of 2018-2023, Mr. Truong was honored to be one of 53 scientists of the farmer who was honored at the Congress.

Picture 1 of 'Barefoot engineer' invents a pipeless pump
Do Van Truong - owner of the pump invention does not use tubes.(Photo: dantri.com.vn).

Coming from a family of farmers in Tam Diep city, in 1978, Mr. Truong participated in military service in the Vietnam People's Navy, then was sent to the Military Navy Technical School. For more than 10 years in the army, due to being exposed to the marine environment and hydraulic engineering, he formed a passion for mechanical engineering. In 1991, Truong went to the army to return to the locality, opening a small mechanical workshop to serve people around the region.

In the process of working, from repairing many types of water pumps, especially vertical pumps with a capacity of thousands of cubic meters per hour or more, Mr. Truong found that these pumps are not only consumed. The large amount of electricity that the construction of pumping stations, intakes, outlets . is also very expensive. Therefore, Mr. Truong always wonders to find a solution to create a simple, compact, low power consumption pump, but the pump capacity is still able to prevent drought, flooding in the field with low cost.

Mr. Truong shared: "Through research and observation, I learned some principles of pumps. The shorter the pump, the more energy saving and water lifting force because the propeller system decides not. Because of the tube, I have come up with the idea of ​​inventing a pump without a tube ".

In 2003, Mr. Truong started experimenting with the expectation of turning his idea into reality. After 6 months, the first tubeless pump was "released". The new point of this invention is that the author has installed the pump body right on the existing sewer pipe of the irrigation system to create a pumping system without a pipe.

The pump has a simple structure and operation mechanism. The impeller rotates and the water reel rotates thanks to the transmission system from the motor to the pump shaft by a belt, when the pump is finished, there is an airtight cover and the pump body acts as a waterstop.

The tube pump can be pumped in two directions by switching the electric phase to change the direction of rotation of the motor. This structure will help to provide irrigation water in the dry season and discharge water to prevent flooding in the rainy season without having to build more intakes, discharge gates and water regulating tanks, contributing to minimizing installation costs.

Picture 2 of 'Barefoot engineer' invents a pipeless pump
The pump has a simple structure and operation mechanism.(Photo: dantri.com.vn).

Mr. Truong said: "The tube pump has a large capacity but low power consumption, with the same amount of water pumped, the electricity consumption of the pump is reduced 3.5 times compared to the vertical pump. In addition, Pipe pumps can also be easily installed in agricultural cooperatives in existing water troughs, reducing the cost of building new sluices as well as inlets and outlets of pumping stations, and the machine has a single construction. Therefore, it is easy to repair and replace simple spare parts to repair and replace, the total investment cost for the pump of about 60 million VND / machine ".

With outstanding features and reasonable price, Mr. Do Van Truong's pipeless pump has been selected by several cooperatives in Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa, Nam Dinh, Thai Binh provinces . contribute to solving effectively the fight against flooding and drought prevention for localities. To date, Truong's production facility has sold more than 300 invisible pumps to the market.

Mr. Duong Van Phai, Director of An Hoa Agricultural Cooperative, An Hoa Commune, Kim Son District, said that in the commune, there have been installed 2 tubeless pumping stations since 2006. Over 10 years of operation, the commune has been installed. The pipeless pumping station has shown remarkable efficiency as the installation cost is only 1/4 compared to the construction of a pumping station and drainage as before, while ensuring rapid drainage and electricity consumption. less than other pumps.

With high applicability and creativity, Mr. Truong's pump has been granted a patent for the invention granted by the National Office of Intellectual Property and won many awards in scientific and technical competitions inside and outside the province. In the coming time, Mr. Truong continued to research and improve the machine to reduce costs, contributing to the effectiveness of agricultural production.