Korean singers are granted a patented mask

Yunho - member of DBSK - with his best friend patented the design of a mask with a lid that opens and closes.

According to Sedaily on March 26, this type of mask is designed to facilitate eating and drinking without opening a mask . Yunho and his friend, Noh Shinhyun , designed a mask during the retirement period because of Covid-19. The 34-year-old singer applied for a patent with the Korean Intellectual Property Department (KIPO) earlier this month and was approved on March 20.

Picture 1 of Korean singers are granted a patented mask
Singer Yunho.(Photo: Sedaily).

This is the second design of the patented singer, the first design is a coffee cup with a flexible lid for easy carrying on the road . The cup sample was put into production, later used by many Americans.

Picture 2 of Korean singers are granted a patented mask
The mask model was designed by Yunho and his friends.(Photo: Sedaily).

Yunho is one of the smartest Korean stars, with an IQ of more than 140. His family has many members in Law. His real name Jung Yunho , also known by the stage name U-Know. He joined SM Entertainment in 2001, debuting as a leader of TVXQ in 2003. Yunho has also appeared in Banjun Theater, Nonstop 4, Heading to the Ground .

Before he was granted a mask, Yunho donated 30 million won (about 568 million VND) to a social welfare fund to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in South Korea. The country recorded 9,241 cases with 131 deaths.

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