Meteors over 300m are flying towards Earth

Astero nearly the size of the Eiffel Tower in Paris will fly over Earth in the next few days according to data collected by the US Space Agency (NASA). Picture 1 of Meteors over 300m are flying towards Earth

NASA said the 2010 NY65 giant meteorite will fly over Earth at a safe distance on June 24. The meteorite will graze 0.02412 miles away from Earth, or about 3.7 million km. As expected, the next time NY65 nears our planet 2010 will fall on June 25, 2021.

Picture 2 of Meteors over 300m are flying towards Earth
Simulated meteor 2010 NY65 flying over near the Earth. (Photo: IB Times).

Currently, the 2010 NY65 meteorite is in the database of NASA's Near-Earth Flying Object Research Center (CNEOS). Its estimated diameter is 310 m, slightly smaller than the Empire State Building in New York. According to CNEOS, 2010 NY65 is flying towards Earth at a speed of nearly 46,670km per hour.

The orbital diagram of NASA shows that 2010 NY65 flew to the plane between Mars and Earth. Sometimes, the path of this meteorite intersects with the Earth's orbit as it travels around the Sun. Due to the orbital axis larger than Earth, 2010 NY65 was classified as Apollo meteorite, ie a group of meteorites near Earth. NASA said 2010 NY65 is in the list of meteorites that are potentially dangerous due to the large size and orbit of our planet.

If hit directly with the Earth, 2010 NY65 meteorite will cause great damage because it will create a powerful explosion that burns everything within a city.

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