Mysterious hundreds of megaliths in Indonesia

Napu Valley, is a famous place with mysterious megaliths located in Lore Lindu National Park, in Poso, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

These megaliths are often carved in many different shapes and 30 of them depict human or human shapes. It was first discovered in 1908, although more than 100 years have passed since it was first discovered, but it seems that what we know about megaliths is still very little.

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Image of a huge megalithic rock in Indonesia.

Some have speculated that these megalithic rocks were carved around 5000 years ago. However, others claim that they were created at a more recent time, about 1,000 years ago. Some researchers suggest that megaliths are associated with a culture carved with huge megaliths in Laos, Cambodia and other parts of Indonesia 2000 years ago but the megaliths in Bada Valley are toxic. most can therefore be created by a completely different culture. At present, no one really knows what culture created them.

The original purpose of these megaliths was created to be completely mysterious. According to locals, some megaliths were once used to worship ancestors. Locals also tell different stories about their origins. For example, there is a megalith that they named Tokala'ea , which is said to be a rapist turned to stone. The deep cuts on this megalith are thought to be knife wounds. Another megalith, called Tadulako , is believed to have been a village guardian. But after stealing rice, he was turned to stone as punishment.

No one knows who these megaliths were made by.

Others claim that megaliths are involved in human sacrifice. Some people also believe that the statues are to ward off evil spirits, while some people believe that the megaliths have supernatural powers and can disappear or move from place to place.

Regardless of their original purpose, the stones used to carve these statues are of the type not found anywhere near the area, thus increasing the likelihood of them being transported from elsewhere. This means that the creators of statues are likely to have some kind of social organization that allows them to carry out such a project.

The carvings on the megaliths are often minimalist. Human or human figures are often depicted with extremely large heads with straight bodies and no legs. For facial features, they are usually displayed with round eyes and a single line to represent the eyebrows, cheeks and chin. Some megaliths have large genitalia carved into them. While many of the statues stand on their own, some are placed in pairs or in small groups.

Until now, despite the efforts of the researchers, the origin, the meaning and who created the megalithic remains a mystery unknown when the solution is available.

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