Mysterious objects appear in the sky over Australia

Australians in central Victoria were shocked to see a trail of fire through the night sky last Friday . Some have suggested that it was a trace of aliens.

Other people also saw similar images in parts of Tasmania sparking rumors that it was a strange UFO.

Picture 1 of Mysterious objects appear in the sky over Australia
This mysterious object is slow.

However, astronomers say that it is not a UFO. Instead, it is likely that cosmic junk is broken from some man-made structures, indicated by light moving slowly in the sky.

Jonti Horner, a professor of astrophysics at the University of South Queensland, told the press that the slow pace, about six kilometers per second, was a very clear sign that it was space junk.

He also said that objects that create strange light trails in the sky could be separated from a Russian satellite a few hours ago at Plesetsk Cosmodrome, more than 800km north of Moscow. In particular, it was probably burned before it hit the ground.

However, because the information provided has not been officially confirmed by the authorities, the true origin of glowing objects in the sky of Australia is still a controversial issue.

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