Mysterious ship

The ship is believed to broadcast emergency signals in the Strait of Malacca, where aircraft MH370 disappeared in 2014.

The ship is believed to broadcast an emergency signal on the Strait of Malacca, which disappeared in 2014.

According to the Mirror, the entire crew and the captain were found dead in a state of "extreme terror" that the body did not have any injuries.

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SS Ourang Medan of the Netherlands.

The incident happened when the Dutch ship SS Ourang Medan issued an emergency signal in the Malacca Strait in 1948. This is also where the plane MH370 went missing in 2014.

A rescue ship present 80km away caught a signal for help and quickly arrived.

According to the CIA declassified document, the emergency signal has the contents: ' All died, including the captain . I am the only one who survived .'

The document was written in 1959 by CH Marck Jr, assistant of CIA Director Allen Dulles, writing: 'A moment later the signal was resumed, but only one sentence was:' I am dying ', then end with a silence '.

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Sailor on the ship mysteriously died.

The CIA believed that what happened on the SS Ourang Medan could be the basis for deciphering the disappearance of cargo ships in the Malacca Strait.

On the SS Ourang Medan, the lifeguards must be stunned by the horrifying sight ahead.'No one survives on the ship,' said an employee who rescued them, according to CIA documents.

'The captain died at the control room. The bodies of sailors were scattered everywhere. A radio operator was probably the one who issued the emergency signal, died in a working state. '

The only thing in common is that on the faces of all sailors, their eyes are wide open, their mouths gaping, fearful as if they encounter something very scary. A dog on the train died in a muzzle still baring its fangs as if threatening anyone.

Rescue workers intended to drag the ship back to the port to hand over to investigators, 'at that time, it was a big pillar of smoke with fire burning'. This causes people to abandon ships.

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The ship exploded before sinking into the sea.

A loud explosion appeared soon after, pulling the ship sunk under the seabed. It wasn't until 6 years later, in 1954, that people mentioned this tragedy again.

Some people questioned whether the raw ship actually existed when maritime data did not mention the SS Ourang Medan or data showed that the Silver star lifeboat sought rescue.

Explaining why the crew mysteriously died, some people hypothesized that the Dutch ship could carry poisonous compounds of potassium cyanide (Potassium cyanide) and nitroglycerin were extremely dangerous.

This toxic gas leaking out may cause the crew to die in a state of terror. But it is unclear what causes the ship to explode.

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