NASA investigates the first crime on the universe

NASA astronaut Anne McClain is accused of identity theft and unauthorized access to her wife's bank account while on duty on the International Space Station (ISS).

NASA wife Anne McClain was separated by her wife, Summer Worden accused of identity theft and unauthorized access to her bank account while McClain was on a six-month mission on the Space Station. International (ISS).

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Photo NASA investigates the first crime on the universe

Astronaut Anne McClain - (Photo: TASS)

According to the New York Times , Summer Worden filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) earlier this year after finding out that McClain had illegally accessed her bank account. Worden's family submitted another complaint to NASA's Office of Inspector General.

McClain's lawyer said she did nothing wrong and she accessed the bank account while working at the ISS station to monitor the family's financial situation. This is what she also did during the time they were together.

NASA investigators contacted both sides.

McClain is a female astronaut famous for being one of the two women selected for the historic all-female crew, but NASA later canceled the plan because of the lack of suitable astronaut suits many accusations of sexism.

Worden said the FTC did not respond to her complaint, but a NASA criminal investigator is considering the allegation.

Complaints regarding access to bank accounts from space are just some of the complicated legal issues in the age of space travel and in the future, space tourism.

In 2011, NASA organized a 'nets' campaign aimed at a widow who was a space engineer, who was trying to sell the stone from the Moon.

In 2013, a Russian satellite was damaged after colliding with debris from a satellite that China destroyed in a missile test in 2007.

In 2017, an Austrian businessman sued the space travel company to demand money paid for the space travel.

"Out-of-space doesn't mean it's out of law," said Sundahl, director of the Center for Global Space Law at Cleveland State University.

According to Mr. Sundahl, a potential problem may arise in any criminal case or bank case from outer space: NASA officials should be wary of opening computer networks. sensitive, for example, the case asked by a lawyer to check.

Because according to him, these legal problems are inevitable when people spend more and more time in outer space.

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