Power Passport 2020: Japan leads, Vietnam ranked 88/107

Global resident and resident consultancy firm Henley & Partners has just released the passport list (Henley Passport Index) in 2020. According to this ranking, Vietnam passport ranked 88th , up 2 places compared to the table. The fourth quarter of 2019. Vietnamese citizens are exempt from visa for 54 countries and territories upon entry.

Picture 1 of Power Passport 2020: Japan leads, Vietnam ranked 88/107
The most powerful Japanese passport in the world.(Photo: CNN).

In Southeast Asia, Cambodian passports are the same as Vietnam. Meanwhile, Singapore ranked second ; Malaysia ranked 13th; Brunei 23rd; Thailand in position 65; Indonesia ranked 72; Philippines ranked 76th; Laos is at 92; Myanmar ranked 94.

Number one ranking of power passports belongs to Japan. Citizens of this country can enter 191 countries without applying for a visa.German and Korean passports are in the same position 3 with 189 visa-free places.

4th place is the passport of Finland and Italy . In position 5 include passports of Denmark, Luxembourg and Spain . At the bottom of the table are Afghanistan's passport (107th) and Iraq (106th). Citizens of these two countries are granted visa-free entry to 26 and 28 countries and territories respectively.

Henley & Partners' rankings are based on data from the IATA International Air Transport Association.

  • Singapore passport "most powerful" in the world
  • Overtake Singapore, the most powerful Japanese passport in the world
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