Produces alcohol from the air

Air Co. The US claims to have created the world's first 'carbon-negative' vodka by using a solar-powered machine that turns CO2 molecules into ethanol.

Air Co. in the US claims to have created the world's first 'carbon-negative' vodka by using a solar machine to turn CO 2 into ethanol.

According to co-founder Gregory Constantine, each bottle of carbon-negative wine absorbs about 0.45 kg of CO2 from the air during its entire cycle, or more than the equivalent of eight mature trees.

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The unique wine product of Air Co.(Photo: Oddity Central).

Unlike traditional vodka made by fermenting starch-rich cereals such as wheat, rice or potatoes and this process produces about 7kg of greenhouse gases, Air Co.'s vodka Made only from water and CO2. The actual process of making this wine is just separating CO 2 from the air.

Stafford Sheehan, another founder of Air Co., told Fast Company magazine that the process to produce their unique vodka 'was inspired by photosynthesis in nature, whereby real. CO 2 breathing apparatus. They use water and energy in the form of sunlight to create things like sugars and higher valence hydrocarbons, with oxygen being the only by-product. The same goes for our process: The only by-product is oxygen '.

Reportedly, Air Co. using a small solar machine to pull CO 2 out of the air, the mixture can be broken down into carbon and oxygen. The split molecules are then mixed with water through a metal-based catalyst to form pure ethanol.

'After conversion, we distill 10% ethanol to 96.5%, followed by additional proprietary trade secret processes for purifying and diluting ethanol into 40% vodka by volume , ' Mr. Sheehan explained.

Air Co. Currently, it only supplies products to some bars and restaurants in New York with the price of 65USD / bottle (about 1.5 million VND) and will expand its distribution in 2020. The company also wants to create perfumes and Household cleaning products use pure ethanol made from CO 2 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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