In the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the pastoral return to the parish, a top local politician was invited to give a speech.

However, because he was late, the priest decided to say a few words to the parishioners to extend the time.

- You will understand - He said - I have the first impression of this parish since I first heard the confession here. When I came here 30 years ago, I thought I was assigned to an extremely bad place. The first person to come to the confession room told me he had stolen a television and when the police came he killed the policeman. Moreover, he sneaks from his workplace and the rat bird with the boss's wife. You can imagine how we feel. But as the days passed, we gradually understood that not everyone is like that, and we have a good parish with all the lovely and sympathetic people.

As soon as the priest just finished speaking, the politician came, apologizing for being late. He immediately made his talk.

- I will never forget the first day the priest came to this parish. - The politician said. - Because, I have the honor of being the first person to be baptized.


The champions meet

John is a boxing champion. One day, he went to the restaurant to have dinner.

When he hung the jacket on the wall mount, he carefully attached the cover to the back of the jacket. On the piece of the cover clearly stated: " This shirt is the boxing champion! He will come back to wear it now ."

When he finished eating, John did not see his shirt anymore. On the wall mount, there was only one piece of paper with the words: "The one who took the shirt is the long-distance champion! He will not come back here anymore! "


The drinking party met the ghost

After a long night of drunkenness, the two young men left the bar, jumped into the car and started the engine. After a few minutes, an old man appeared outside the window and tapped on the glass lightly.

A horrified man shouted:

- Look out the window. Ghost!

The driver accelerated but his face was still old and still in the window. The window glass companion, asked:

- What do you want?

The calm man asked again:

- Do you have cigarettes?

Run immediately, the guy handed the medicine to him and turned the window up and shouted at the driver:

- Press gas hard!

A few minutes later, they regained their composure and started laughing. The driver said:

- I don't understand what happened, but don't worry, the speedometer is only 80 miles per hour, that ghost doesn't catch up.

Suddenly, a light knock on the window rang and the old man appeared again.

- Here he is again! - The companion shouted.

He lowered the window glass and trembled to ask:

- What is it?

- Do you have fire?

He threw the lighter out of the window and shouted:

- Go on the accelerator!

They drove at 100 miles an hour, trying to forget what they had just heard and saw, and suddenly there was a knock.

- Oh my God! He came back! - The unmanned guy pulls the window down and shouts in utter terror - What's more?

The old man gently replied:

- Do you need me to help pull out of the quagmire?

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