Russia invented 'self-destructing satellite' to prevent cosmic garbage

RT on August 12 reported that Roscosmos has successfully built a "self-contained" satellite when it is no longer useful. This invention aims to limit the amount of artificial objects floating in space.

Rosmoscos filed a patent for Rospaten Intellectual Property Agency. Accordingly, the satellite will self-destruct under the impact of external space elements, mainly heating. The new satellite invention requires the use of sublimation materials, ie bypassing the liquefaction phase, converting directly from solid state to gaseous without turning into liquid when heated.

Picture 1 of Russia invented 'self-destructing satellite' to prevent cosmic garbage
It is estimated that there are currently about 8,400 tons of cosmic waste moving around Earth's orbit.(Photo: NASA).

It is known that the intelligent structure allows satellites to decompose as soon as they complete their mission or have problems that prevent them from functioning.

The conundrum of how to handle the "waste" of the universe has long been painful in the minds of scientists and engineers. In 2016, Roscosmos experts concluded that if the problem was not resolved, space exploration could become stagnant because all the orbits near Earth were trapped in waste equipment. .

According to the European Space Agency's Space Waste Office, there are more than 8,400 tons of space waste moving around Earth's orbit. Most of the cosmic waste is debris from thousands of rocket launches and deployments, as well as from space explosions and collisions.

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