Cosmic garbage falls on the American garden

The metal object discovered in the walnut garden in California is the fuel tank of a satellite belonging to the Iridium company.

Picture 1 of Cosmic garbage falls on the American garden
Metal objects were discovered in walnut gardens in California state.(Photo: Fox News.)

The piece of cosmic trash crashing into a walnut garden in Kings, California, USA, was identified as part of the information satellite, UPI reported on October 19. Cosmic garbage is an artificial object that is no longer used in space, including devices that are launched or left behind.

The garden owner found large metal objects on the morning of October 13, according to Kings County police. The investigation team quickly contacted Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara County. Experts here study objects and argue that the ability is a fuel tank of a satellite that the Iridium satellite communications company owns.

The company representative confirmed that this is a fuel on Iridium 70. Iridium is currently responsible for storing and preserving this object. This is the first part of its satellite recovered after falling back into the atmosphere.

Iridium 70 was launched into space by Delta 7920-10C rocket from Vandenberg air base on May 17, 1998 with satellites 72, 73, 74 and 75. Among them, only Iridium 73 satellites remain flying in orbit.

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