Settling on Mars: Make water and oxygen

Residents conquering Mars will not be able to provide water or oxygen that they must make themselves.

Currently, more than 100,000 people in the world are eager to live on Mars, including about 30,000 Americans. They eagerly booked tickets for a one-way trip to the red planet in the hope of living the rest of their lives in this unprecedented place.

A go does not come back

Anyone over the age of 18 can register to Mars until August 31. Registration fee depends on nationality. Mars One, which plans to fly people to Mars, said the fee is based on each country's gross domestic product. For example, for Americans, the registration fee is 38 USD, while Mexicans pay only 15 USD. However, Mr. Bas Lansdorp, CEO and founder of Mars One, has not disclosed how many people have paid registration fees.

Mr. Lansdorp confirmed the Mars One's first flight will cost about $ 6 billion. This year, the company will select about 40 astronauts among subscribers from all continents on the globe. Four of them consist of 2 males, 2 females will make the first flight to Mars in September 2022 and land on the red planet surface in April 2023. According to Mars One's plan, another group of 4 will "take off" two years later. It is worth noting here that no one will return to earth!

Picture 1 of Settling on Mars: Make water and oxygen
Model a residential area on Mars in the future.(Photo: SPACE.COM)

Future astronauts will undergo 8-month compulsory training in a low-traffic area. They learned how to repair house structures, grow vegetables in confined spaces and medical problems from serious to common, such as dental protection, muscle tearing and fractures.

New Earth

'We want to tell the world that when people go to Mars and live on it, they will build a new earth, a new planet. This is one of the most exciting things that has happened and we want to share this story with the whole world, ' Mr. Lansdorp said.

Every Mars One brought to Mars will carry around 2,500 kg of useful goods. After 8 flights, it is expected that more than 20,000kg of supplies will be sent to the red planet, which is indispensable for food and solar bars.

However, residents conquering Mars will not be able to provide the water or oxygen they have to make on the new earth itself. They will filter out Martian water from Mars soil. From water, people can make hydrogen and oxygen and then use that oxygen to breathe."We will create an atmosphere like the atmosphere on Earth," Mr. Lansdorp said .

Mars One is not the only organization hoping to make history by bringing people to Mars. The Mars Inspiration Fund also wants to bring 2 people - 1 male and 1 female - to Mars on a 501-day trip.

Not a joke

Some space travel experts identify the risk of ambition to bring people to Mars. In the journey to conquer a distance that people have never overcome, radiation is the biggest concern. Flight to Mars could cause astronauts to fall into maximum radiation under NASA standards. And when it is on Mars, the radiation level will be even higher, damaging the genetic structure of cells, causing cells to die or be changed frequently, leading to cancer.

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