The best thermal conductive spider silk

Xinwei Wang, a mechanical engineering expert at Iowa State University and colleagues, looked for heat-conducting materials and discovered great applications of spider silk in this area.

>>>Armor made of spider silk

Picture 1 of The best thermal conductive spider silk
Yellow spider silk

Mr. Wang raised 8 golden silk spiders with the scientific name Nephila Clavipes (pictured) at the school's greenhouse and took the experiment silk with the help of experts from the Office of Military Research and the National Science Foundation. America. The experiment showed that the thermal conductive spider is better than the best considered materials such as silicon, aluminum and net iron . The thermal conductivity rate of spider silk is 416 Watt / meter-kelvin, while the measurement of copper only has 401 Watt / meter-kelvin. Spider silk also has additional properties such as strong, elastic and very thin (only 4 microns compared to human hair is 60 microns). The other surprising thing is that all good thermal conductors are inorganic substances while spider silk is an organic material but has a thermal conductivity 800 times higher than other living body tissues.

The study is shown in an article titled 'New secrets of spider silk: Exceptionally high thermal conductivity and unusual stretch changes' , published in Advanced Materials.

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