The horrors of Hitler's super weapon melt ... people

During World War 2, Nazi scientists researched and built a super weapon called Die Glocke. By design, this weapon of Hitler has the ability to melt humans and animals into liquids.

Scientists working for Nazi Germany in World War 2 researched and designed a number of secret super weapons to help Hitler's army gain the upper hand in the battlefield before the allies. Among the "terrible" weapons of Hitler, Die Glocke is noteworthy (in German means the Bell).

Picture 1 of The horrors of Hitler's super weapon melt ... people
Die Glocke (in German means Bell).

The Die Glocke weapon has a giant bell-like design and is made of hard metal. It has a diameter of nearly 3m and is about 4.5m high. Scientists research and manufacture Die Glocke on the outskirts of Brexlau and the lab inside Vaxlapxki mine in the 1940s.

By design, the Die Glocke super weapon used will create a frequency that causes people and animals to melt . To do that, the Nazi Die Glocke weapon used special materials such as mercury or radiation.

No one knows for sure whether this Nazi super weapon was successfully built and tested. The reason is because after World War 2 ended, the secret of the Nazi super weapon was not revealed.

To this day, Die Glocke remains a great mystery as much information about this Nazi weapon has not been decoded.

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