Russian super weapons make aircraft, rockets frozen

Russian scientists have invented a super weapon that can stop tanks, planes, rockets, navigation devices, night vision equipment, mobile communications, GPS signals .

This machine is considered a breakthrough in science with the ability to apply in different fields, which are primarily military.

The new magnetic generator is called Nika , with a capacity of several billion W, but its size is small, only equivalent to a paper desk.

Academics of Russian Academy of Sciences Mikhail Yalandin, one of the inventors of the machine, said his team has created two versions, a large version and a compact version. Both versions are located in the city of Ekaterinburg.

This machine can be applied in many areas. For example, it can be used to make radio telescopes and new generation positioning machines. In particular, this machine can be used in missile defense technology.

Picture 1 of Russian super weapons make aircraft, rockets frozen

In addition, the huge capacity of the transmitter can generate electromagnetic pulses that impact and disrupt the sustainability of any electrical system and target. It can simulate turbulence equivalent to the disturbances created by lightning, even equivalent to a nuclear explosion.

Based on this new transmitter, Russian military scientists are trying to build a super-electromagnetic weapon . This weapon will generate electromagnetic pulses with super-large capacity to destroy the operation of electronic radio, mobile phones and computer systems.

This weapon removed from the electronic equipment battle cycle without it, there could be no modern war, but no harm to humans.

Picture 2 of Russian super weapons make aircraft, rockets frozen

If the opponent has no computers, radar, weapon vision, electronic viewfinder and GPS navigation system, that opponent can be considered defeated.

The capacity of the new device is comparable to that of a nuclear power plant's reactor. But to launch weapons does not need complex equipment and long preparation time.

The whole technology is placed in a small suitcase. The device's radius of damage is adjusted within a range of 200-1,000 m. But it has one drawback is that when used in densely populated terrain, electronic pulses spoil not only the enemy's equipment but also everyday household appliances. However, this mode of war can be called humane. A refrigerator or a radio station that doesn't work is just a small loss in a war.

Russian scientists built a device capable of quickly destroying all the electronic components of the opponent's weapon system.

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Forotov, a member of the High Science and Technology Council, said the device is the size of a small briefcase, with a capacity of 1GWT.

Picture 3 of Russian super weapons make aircraft, rockets frozen
This device can stop the operation of remote tanks.(Illustration).

Within 1 second, this device has the ability to disable all electronic components in the opponent's weapon system, including navigation devices, night vision equipment, mobile communications, as well as like devices that receive GPS satellite navigation signals.

This device can also deactivate remote tanks, deflect fighter jets, destroy mines controlled by electromagnetic waves. Academician Phorotop said Russia also has devices that can suspend the operation of electronic devices for a short period of time, such as during special campaigns.

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