The model runs 241 km / h under Elon Musk's underground road

The project of building a system of underground roads by the American billionaire will prioritize the development of public facilities to serve passengers.

Billionaire posted a Twitter video about the idea of ​​building a transport system below Los Angeles with a passenger car that could reach high speed, CNN said on March 9. His company The Boring Company last year also released a video about this underground project, whereby cars will be transported to the ground by a transport platform and run to their destination.

However, the new video shows that this project has changed. The underground road system will first focus on providing public transport instead of allowing individual cars to pass through.

"This is a polite and fair matter. If someone can't afford a car, they should be given priority," Musk said. Therefore, the underground road system will prioritize pedestrians and cyclists.

In the new video, the large car carrying passengers is lowered to the underground from a traffic station that is equivalent to a parking spot. The transport vehicle then launches toward Los Angeles International Airport. Musk describes this vehicle as an automatic electric bus that can reach speeds of 241 km / h, run underground, move itself between lanes and elevators.

The Los Angeles underground traffic system will consist of thousands of small stations across the city. The stations will bring passengers closer to the destination and easily get into traffic in the city, Musk said. He has not revealed the specific schedule for implementing this project.

The principle of priority over cars seems to be also applied in The Boring Company 's plan to build the East Coast Hyperloop high - speed train. Experts are not sure how the Hyperloop project will be affected by Musk's plans to change the underground network.

Earlier, The Boring Company purchased a tunnel digger for excavation in Hawthorne, a suburb of Los Angeles. Elon Musk occasionally posted pictures of the machine's operation last year.

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