The mystery of the thousand-year-old stone jars contains remains of dead people in Laos

More than 100 mysterious 1,000 year old stone jars containing many corpses have been discovered on 15 locations in Laos.

Although researchers believe that stone jars may have been used to bury the dead, no one knows for sure what its original purpose was for or anything about those who used to Take the stone jars there.

Picture 1 of The mystery of the thousand-year-old stone jars contains remains of dead people in Laos
New ancient thousand-year stone jars were discovered in Laos.

"They were previously known only by tiger hunters and now we have rediscovered them. Hope to build a clear picture of ancient culture in Laos and how the stone jars used to bury take, "said Dr. Nicholas Skopal.

"But why these locations were chosen as the final resting place for the stone jars is still a mystery. Above all, we have no evidence of occupation in this area," archaeologist Dougald O'Reilly added.

Researchers from the Australian National University unearthed a total of 137 stone jars, along with elaborate carved plates placed around them thought to have been used as burial marks. But some of these discs have been placed on the face that opens up more mysteries.

Also found alongside stone jars are iron-era artifacts such as decorative ceramics, glass beads, iron tools and other tools used to make clothes.

"Strangely, we also found many miniature jars, which looked like giant jars but made of clay , " O'Reilly said.

Archaeologists note that this discovery may lead to a greater understanding of what they believe are burial jars.

"We have seen similar giant jars in Assam in India and in Sulawesi in Indonesia, so we want to investigate possible links in prehistoric times between these different areas. ' other researchers say.

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