The rocket takes the egg to the sky

The girls of a British college are building a small rocket, inside with an egg and then launching an altitude of 230 meters to participate in a missile competition in the country of fog.

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The Victorian girls' group designed rockets.Photo: Daily Mail.

The contest called Aerospace Youth Rocketry Challenge was sponsored by the British Aviation Association and British Missile Association. The competition was organized to encourage British youth to demonstrate their creativity in the field of rocket manufacturing and the 20 teams selected for the final round.

News of the rocket-making competition has sparked a scientific research movement in schools across the UK, involving thousands of students. Of these, six girls at Victoria College, Belfast, have successfully built a one-meter rocket. They have conducted many secret tests to adjust the aerodynamic parameters so that the rocket flies up and falls in exactly 45 seconds.

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A missile launch test of the Victoria College girls group.Photo: Daily Mail.

Jennifer Black, the young scientist leader, said: "It is impossible to describe how I felt when I saw the rocket fly for the first time. We were happy as if we had just set foot on Mars . " Jennifer's rocket has a body of cardboard, plastic nose and wooden wings.

"It flew straight up into the sky, but the wind blew it in the opposite direction we guessed. We had to climb over a fence, jump over a ditch and crawl through a steel wire fence to retrieve it. missiles require knowledge of science, technology and math, but to get it to the right direction you need to have more luck, " Jennifer said of the first rocket launch.

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The joy of female students when missiles landed successfully.Photo: Daily Mail.

The long-term purpose of the competition is to encourage students and students to accumulate the necessary skills and practical experience to work in the fields of science, machine and aerospace.

Although missiles are designed and built in many ways, they all fly up with gunpowder and ignite with electric current. The rocket's speed depends on the amount of explosives. A separate part on the rocket will launch a small parachute. In this competition, the most important thing is that missiles must fly for 45 seconds and the right height. Teams will be penalized if missiles fly higher than 230 meters and longer than 45 seconds.

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