The sun is dangerously cooling down?

Russia's Sputnik newspaper led scientific studies to suggest that in the future the Sun might cool down and if this scenario happens, "the end of the world" will come.

Russian alien researcher and unidentified flying object (UFO) - Dmitry Shakhov and future researcher Dennis Komov said that the heat bands on the Sun will disappear in the future, which will lead to the cooling phenomenon of light and extinction of life on Earth.

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According to scientists, some media have reported on this issue.

The futurist claims that after the Earth cools down, for a while it will retain some of its heat due to internal energy sources, but eventually the plant will disappear and then So are other forms of life.

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Without too strong light or heat from the Sun, life on planet Earth will be destroyed.

However, most professional astrophysicists describe the future of our sun in a completely different way.

According to them, in the next billion years, the Sun will become bigger and hotter until it becomes a giant red planet, when it will swallow the Earth, or it will make Earth is no longer suitable for life due to the rising surface temperature of the planet.

This may happen, however, only in a very distant future and no one dares to assert.

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