Unique inventions in the Rat year

The 19th century was considered the culmination of new inventions when scientists around the world repeatedly announced unique and significant landmark inventions.

Of these many inventions fell in the year of the Rat .

Lamp Davy - 1816

Many people often mistake Thomas Edison for being the father of an electric bulb, but little is known that before and at the same time as Edison, it was estimated that up to 20 inventors from many countries such as England, the United States, Belgium and "race" for luminous ideas.

One of the pioneers was English physicist and chemist Humphry Davy (1778-1829).

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Davy lamp, the precursor of modern incandescent lamp - (Photo: WIKIMEDIA).

According to The Guardian , Davy came up with the idea of ​​electricity flowing through a thin platinum strand, from which the platinum heats up and glows.

Applying this principle, Davy successfully designed the Davy lamp in 1816 (the year of the Rat), often used by miners.

Earlier, Davy used coal electrodes, used the principle of arcing to produce light, which is used in many places in the UK to light lighthouses.

However, platinum produces a relatively weak light and does not last long. However, Davy's idea opened the door for research for later inventors, in which a search for a material that could glow better when current passed through platinum replacement was successful.

It was not until 1879 that after hundreds of experiments, Edison succeeded in using tungsten to make filament for incandescent bulbs as today.

Stamps - 1840

In the 17th century, many countries in Europe began organizing mail delivery to the people. At that time, the recipient will have to pay the fee, therefore, the recipient will refuse to pay for the mail.

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The first 2 stamps in the world - (Screenshot).

In addition, the delivery and receipt of mail have not been calculated uniformly, resulting in too high mail delivery rates that make this activity difficult.

Rowland Hill (1795-1879) is an English teacher but very interested in the postal sector. He thought of the idea that the postman would have to pay for the postage, through the purchase of a sticker called a postage stamp.

This proposal faces many mixed opinions. After much discussion, on January 10, 1840 (Canh Ty), England decided to implement Rowlland Hill's recommendations, regardless of how close and close, each letter weighs ½ ounce (about 14 grams) will charging 1 penny - average price.

The first stamp was issued on May 6, 1840, imprinted with the Queen of England on a black background, priced at 1 penny. 2 days later, the 2 penny stamp also has a picture of the queen but the green background is released.

Since then, stamps started gaining popularity in the UK and neighboring countries.

By 1874, an organization called the global postal system was set up to control and identify stamps, facilitating cross-country correspondence.

Phone - 1876

Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) was a Scottish inventor. In 1876 (Little Rat), Bell officially received an American patent for his phone.

However, according to The Guardian , the "father" of the phone is actually Antonio Meucci, an Italian inventor.

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Alexander Graham Bell in a phone show in 1876 - (Documentary).

It happened in 1860 when Meucci presented Bell's invention, even made a test call to his wife, who was in the hospital. However, at this time Meucci could not afford to send the fee to the US patent office to be granted invention.

Even 3 years later, Meucci did not have $ 10 to improve its products.

Realizing the potential of Meucci's ideas, Bell continued to perfect the phone. On February 14, 1876, Bell sent the file to the US patent office and was recognized as the inventor of the phone.

Also according to The Guardian, on June 11, 2002, the US Senate passed the 269 law on Meucci, recognizing Meucci as the first person to create a phone.

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