Vietnam produces smart bombs, bullet timers

With the great progress of the domestic defense industry, it is not surprising to know that Vietnam has a plan to produce smart bombs and timed bullets.

With the great progress of the domestic defense industry, it is not surprising to know that Vietnam has a plan to produce smart bombs and timed bullets.

In the article about the achievements of the Air Defense Technology Institute - Air Force has been achieved in recent times, the People's Army Newspaper Online has revealed some research directions to manufacture new weapons products manufactured by Vietnam in time. next.

"In the coming time, the development strategy of the institute focuses on research, design and manufacture of key and strong products, such as: Continuing to test new radars (3D phase network radar) ; unmanned aircraft serving military training and other economic and social purposes, researching and manufacturing solid rocket fuel , improving ordinary bombs into smart bombs, designing and manufacturing complexes Near-range missiles use P-13M aviation missiles . " , the QDND newspaper said.

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Lets 100mm in the Vietnamese army.

This is clearly a happy signal for CNQP and Vietnam Army, but before publishing this information, Vietnam has successfully produced electronic timer detonator for 100mm mortar shells. Type of ammunition used for 100mm mortars produced by Vietnam. This content is mentioned in the report " Electronic Timer for mortar" was broadcast on recent People's Television.

The timer nib is a type of stinger that detonates a warhead at a certain time in the trajectory of a projectile at a predetermined time. Currently, there are three common nibs in the world: timer nibs, mechanical timer nibs and electronic timer nibs.

In particular, electronic timer nibs are fuses that use electronic circuits to set the explosion time, it has high accuracy in working time, wide adjustment range. This type of nib has many advantages over traditional mechanical nibs.

For example, for mother-baby bullets (bullets containing many bullets), if using mechanical timer nibs, the time of detonation does not guarantee accuracy. With electronic timer nibs can help cut the explosion accurately, mother bullets spread the bullets in the right position, ensuring to destroy the target.

According to the staff of the Institute of Weapons, the basic model of electronic timer detonator includes: Mechanical part using safety mechanism by inertial pin coupling along the horizontal axis. When preserving the stinger, there is a key to keep inertia, this safety pin is drawn by the gunner before firing. In the stinger, there is also an inertial switch group to detonate the fuse when the electronic circuit does not work.

The electronic circuitry using PIC16F628 microprocessor IC is arranged on a board with a combination of data loading port. All are poured into a solid block with silicone glue, data is fed directly from specialized devices through coaxial to the on-board receiving port.

And the power supply for the circuit is the battery that meets the requirements of durability, long-term storage as well as when used. The lithium CR2 battery has a long life, compact size, large power, voltage matching the working circuit requirements and withstands great acceleration when shot.

The circuitry ensures elements: the board is compact in size, with enough space in the stinger; the board is durable enough in storage as well as when fired; time data is saved and when not powered; Time data is loaded directly from the loader via the jack; Stinger after fabrication is tested according to regulations.

After completion, test, the Institute of Weapons has successfully fired 100mm mortar shells using electronic timer nibs and explosive ammunition as the initial installation time.

Research topic of mortar-electronic timer nibs 100mm of sand is a project to catch up for the projects of time-detonation, which will be deployed in the next few years such as design of electronic timer fuses installed for Jet shells and various artillery shells.