What are the feelings about 10 seconds before death?

Because no one knows how to die, just thinking about death is crying and mourning, death is still the fear of mankind.

Because no one knows how to die, just thinking about death is crying and mourning, death is still the fear of mankind.

Everyone died once but only a few died and rose again so people could not experience the feeling of death . So for the death of mankind is still extremely frightened and insecure. But with curiosity, the experts are constantly studying what human feelings are like when they die.

Well-known American psychologist, Dr. Raymond Moody has conducted research on 150 people who experience near-death experiences and draw some conclusions about their feelings. Although the situation of those people and their personalities are very different, Raymond asserts: When these people experience near-death experiences, having similar experiences cannot be ignored including the following 14 groups. The order of these receptor groups is based on the order of feelings of those who have recounted:

Picture 1 of What are the feelings about 10 seconds before death? Photo 1 of What are the feelings about 10 seconds before death?
There are many different feelings about 10 seconds before dying.(Illustration).

  1. One is to hear the doctor or the people around say he's dead.They feel that physiological fatigue has reached its limit.
  2. The other is an unprecedented peace and comfort.At the beginning of death there was a sense of pain that flashed but it dissipated quickly.They then found themselves soaring over an area only in black, a feeling of relaxation that overwhelmed them.
  3. Three is hearing strange sounds.That strange sound echoed in the space.A young girl said she heard a sound like a melody, it was a very beautiful music.
  4. Fourth , the feeling of being pulled into a dark space.People began to feel that it was a cylindrical body without air.Feeling like a transitional zone between one is earthly and the other is a strange world.
  5. Fifth year, I found myself removing my body.A rescued drowning man said that he had left his body and went into the sky alone, like a feather.
  6. Six is that others cannot hear your words.A woman who experiences near-death experiences says that she tried to tell people about her current situation but no one heard her words.
  7. Seven is constantly in a state of being out of the body and then again but the feeling of time no longer exists.Someone recalled the near-death experience saying that during that time, he never stopped coming into his body.
  8. Eight is feeling that vision has never been so flexible, hearing is more flexible.A man said he never had such a clear sense of vision, his eyesight was so intense that he could not think.
  9. Nine is an extremely lonely feeling.A man said no matter how hard he tried to communicate with other people, he felt extremely lonely.
  10. Ten is around appearing other "people" . These "people" either came to help them pass through the world of dead people or to ring the bells of the afterlife they had not heard.
  11. Eleven is the appearance of light in the last moment of near death experiences. This light has a clear, very "humanity" .
  12. Twelve is thinking of the whole life while dying. In that moment, images of the whole life took place like slow-motion film. Those who have experienced it, when they describe it all say, "The scene next to the scene, the time when the emotional events arise, it appears that even the images, feelings and feelings are repeated two or three times ".
  13. Thirteen is restricted.One encounters a path that can be called a boundary or limit that prevents it from going elsewhere.The form of this road also has many different types for each person: there is water, there is a smog, sometimes a door, sometimes a wild fence or sometimes a strip of road.
  14. Fourteen is back.When the near-death experience reaches a certain stage, if people are saved, the life will return.At that time, many people wanted to quickly return to the body but also depending on the level of penetration into the near death process.Some people tend to not want to return to the body, especially if the person in the process of death has met the light, the thought of not wanting to return to the body is even stronger.

The above is a series of human perceptions at the moment of death. It is unimaginable that only moments can be felt like that. These are summarized by scientist Raymond Moody after his research. Hopefully it helps humanity understand exactly about death.