Who is Paul Klee? What are the 'hard to define' works of Paul Klee?

Today Google Doodle celebrates 139 years of Paul Klee's birth. So who is Paul Klee and what does he contribute to humanity?

Paul Klee was born on December 18, 1879, died on June 29, 1940 in Switzerland. Although he was Swiss, he lived most of his life in Germany until he was expelled by the Nazi regime in 1933.

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Portrait of painter Paul Klee.

He was born into a family with a musical tradition, Paul himself is a violinist and he has a rich inspiration in painting thanks to this art.

Paul Klee is a painter influenced by the school of expression, cubism and surrealism . Paul Klee is also an East school student. He and his Russian friend Wassily Kandinsky are famous for teaching at the Bauhaus School of Art and Architecture, one of Germany's modern art cradles.

Featured works: The Twittering Machine (1922), Fish Magic (1925), Viaducts Break Ranks (1937) .

In 1898, he entered the Munich Art Institute. In 1906, married with Lili Stumpf, a violinist and started his painting career. In his first work, the artist was influenced by Impressionism. But with a series of later works, painting lovers are unable to determine which artistic school Paul is. They are a blend of inner lines and unique colors.

Picture 2 of Who is Paul Klee?  What are the 'hard to define' works of Paul Klee?
Works of Paul Klee.

Paul Klee's work is beyond any definition, it is neither completely abstract nor completely pictorial. He is very sensitive to music, music and this is the inspiration for him to turn into many pictures, in which we feel there is a pictorial rhythm and mantra color.

He is one of the greatest moderators of the history of painting and an excellent contour user. What is more special is those who love painting like seeing humor in Paul's work.

Most of his paintings are small in size, but that does not reduce their importance.

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