Why do so many elderly people suddenly die in December and January?

Every year in December and January when the weather is cold, many elderly people suddenly "die" due to complications of cardiovascular disease.

The reason is that due to weather, changing environment , the elderly's body is sensitive, weakened by aging, thicker heart wall, hardened blood vessels, less elastic, causing the heart to contract, reduce the adaptability of the Cardiovascular system, lower blood flow through the brain . leading to the risk of cardiovascular complications and sudden death.

The cold causes blood vessels in the body to contract, soaring blood pressure when suddenly out in the cold or taking a shower . while many people have no control over blood pressure, increasing 21% cardiovascular complications.

The northeast monsoon with low temperatures also makes the air confined , pollutants hardly spread. Elderly people who have cardiovascular disease, even if exposed to polluted air for a short time, can also suffer from angina, myocardial infarction, heart failure .

The cold weather also makes older people afraid to exercise regularly (although knowing how to exercise is important because not maintaining regularity, the risk of cardiovascular complications increases). 90% of cardiovascular events occur during rest, not during exercise.

December and January are also the consecutive festive seasons , which is the occasion for family reunions (such as Christmas, New Year, New Year, Lunar New Year .) so many people eat too much, plus noisy bustling, nervous atmosphere, stress . has contributed to the rate of heart attack increased rapidly in the winter. If detected and given medicine in time, it will recover and walk.

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Elderly people who have signs of cardiovascular disease need to go to hospital immediately.(Illustration).

Need emergency medical attention right away when there is a warning sign

According to Meritorious Doctor, Colonel - Doctor Quach Tuan Vinh (Director of Minh Quang Rehabilitation Center, Ly Nam De Street, Hanoi), when the following signs of cardiovascular disease warning need to be taken immediately save now:

  • 1. Angina (intense chest pain behind the sternum, pain spreads to the left shoulder, the inside of the left arm or to the back .) - is a risk of myocardial infarction - call 911 immediately the better.
  • 2. If an elderly person faints suddenly, loses response around, calls unknown, stops breathing, cyanosis becomes complete, sometimes twitching or limp, a urinary incontinence may occur - which is a sign of currently discontinued - call for help and emergency 115 immediately. If you are proficient in how to force the heart - asphyxiation can help first aid patients immediately.
  • 3. If the elderly suddenly have difficulty breathing violently, they need to quickly call 911 for emergency treatment, while waiting for the patient to lie on their head and breathe oxygen (if any).
  • 4. If an elderly person has sudden severe pain in the leg or arm (cold or sore arm or leg is paler than the opposite side) - an acute manifestation of an artery blockage of the foot, or arm - call 911 for emergency medical attention Immediately for a blood clot surgery.
  • 5. If one of the signs of a stroke appears (sudden numbness or weakness in the body or one side of the arm / leg, fainting or coma, speech disorders, vision disorders, sudden loss of balance and coordination) combination of movements, severe headache, vomiting of unknown cause . urgent need to take the patient to the hospital immediately.

How to prevent cardiovascular disease when it is cold

Excellent physician, Colonel - Doctor Quach Tuan Vinh advises the elderly and their children to learn how to control blood pressure well to prevent cardiovascular disease. Whereby:

  • The measurement of blood pressure in the elderly is usually no more than 140 / 90mmHg.
  • If the maximum blood pressure is more than 180mmHg, it is very worrying, and this weather can increase to 200mmHg. Therefore - it is necessary to promptly detect and use drugs to prevent rupture of the cerebral vessels and death, especially people with diabetes, the risk of complications of hypertension is higher and more likely to have exacerbation of hypertension.

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Old people need to exercise regularly.(Illustration).

  • Elderly people need to exercise 30-60 minutes / day will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, control the risk. But the elderly should not go to the gym early in the morning, because the peripheral blood vessels can be shrunk to collect blood for the heart, kidneys, brain . causing increased vascular resistance, not good for people with hypertension, causing blood pressure to rise. Also should only practice walking, swimming, cycling, tai chi, nourishment, yoga, dance . good for heart health, muscle contraction, limb movement.

Whatever training you should ask your doctor for advice about the subject and level of exercise. When exercising if you see any unusual symptoms (such as chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, dizziness, fainting, muscular aches, nausea, shortness of breath, intermittent speech, etc.), you need to stop training to avoid danger. Insurance and hospital check immediately.

  • In addition, the elderly need to avoid going out in the cold in the morning suddenly, especially when they first wake up. Always keep warm (full hat, scarf to avoid life-threatening cold wind, especially people with a history of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary artery disease).
  • When showering, it is necessary to warm the room with a heating lamp and use warm water, avoiding sudden increase in blood pressure due to cold. If you have coronary artery disease, you should be checked regularly (pay attention when changing seasons, weather changes) to prevent and treat promptly.
  • Take medication as directed by your doctor, especially in the case of hypertension (and must be taken continuously for a lifetime, do not stop the drug suddenly and under the supervision of a doctor).
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