What is dental implant?

Implant dental implant was born as one of the important scientific achievements of dental prosthesis. The method opens up the opportunity to recover lost teeth without invading real teeth, with quality comparable to real teeth.

So what is Implant tooth transplantation, the advantages and the specific issues related to how we will be provided specifically in the article below.

What is Implant Teeth and Implant Implants?

This is a metal cylinder (mostly pure titanium) placed in the jaw bone section below the gum. It has a role and acts like a true root, as a support and grip on the porcelain crown above.

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Implant teeth are like real teeth.

Implant cylinders are able to withstand huge chewing force due to the toughness of Titan material. This pole has the ability to integrate with the bone into a solid block like a true tooth with a jawbone. Therefore, after a certain period of time, Implant pillars will be recognized by the body as a homogeneous material that can be maintained for many years on the body. So what is Implant dental implant?

What is the implant dental technique?

It is a technique of planting teeth by the method of forming a complete denture including crowns and roots, in which root is Impalnt pillars integrated with jaw bone into a unified block.

Advantages of Implant implants

This method has more outstanding advantages than the method of dental implant
tradition of bridge and bridge shows the following advantages:

  1. Implant teeth restore the comprehensive teeth including crowns and root teeth.
  2. Plant your teeth directly on the tooth loss zone without having to sharpen the pulp to invade the real teeth.
  3. Sturdy teeth, chewing and aesthetic like real teeth.
  4. The retention time can reach the maximum lifespan that follows you throughout your life without having to reinstate.

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The better and high quality Implant Head, the more durable the restoration effect.

These are outstanding values ​​that make bridges not possible and are the reason why people with tooth loss should apply this method instead of making bridges.

Problems related to implant implants

Concerned about what is the implant implant problem, it is impossible to ignore transplant related problems.

This method requires you to have a healthy bone condition , a reliable volume and density. If the bone does not meet these conditions, the ability of Implant cylinder to be eliminated after placing is very high. Therefore, for most people with bone resorption without conducting bone graft, it is difficult to maintain long-term root.

The better and high quality Implant braces, the more effective prosthesis and survival time in bone and chewing function are ensured. What dental implant implies seems to have been satisfactorily answered when the quality of Titan cylinders is improved in quality.

Implant placement will cause pain. But you just feel the pain is mild because it will appear after the pillar is complete, when the anesthetic is gone and the painkiller is not working well. Thanks to supportive painkillers, the pain will disappear after a short time.

The cost of dental implants is quite high, but compared with the quality and duration of teeth, it is cheaper than the dental bridge method.

This technology converges the following outstanding advantages:

  1. For the ability to integrate bone quickly, without separating gums, without invading teeth
    while placing pillars
  2. Durable teeth, good chewing, can detect some properties of food such as hardness, plasticity, .
  3. The time of Implant cylinder placement only needs to be done in 15-20 minutes. The total duration of treatment is shortened to 3-4 weeks.
  4. Teeth maintain long on the jaw, does not cause irritation and ensure no rejection.