Khai devoured the tomb of Mona Lisa

Italian archaeologists looking for a long-lost ancient tomb contain the remains of the painter Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa woman.

A group of Italian researchers announced on April 5 that they will conduct excavations underneath a monastery in Florence, which is believed to be the place where Lisa Gherardini 's body was buried. Lisa Gherardini is the wife of a Florentine rich silk merchant and most scholars believe that she is the model in the famous portrait of painter Leonardo da Vinci .

Picture 1 of Khai devoured the tomb of Mona Lisa
Portrait of the mysterious woman in the famous painting Mona Lisa.

Italian scientists hope, Lisa Gherardini's found skull will help reconstruct the shape of her face, which compares with the image in the Mona Lisa painting to decipher the mystery of the woman in paintings.

Excavations will be carried out under an old monastery of St Ursula in central Florence, where Gherardini is believed to have died at age 60 in 1542.

The team will use a radar to search for the forgotten old tomb in the building. The found bone will be tested for DNA to prove whether it really belongs to Gherardini by comparison with DNA extracted from the bones of her children, who are buried in a church in Florence.

In addition to the conjecture, Gherardini is the Mona Lisa's archetype, some researchers also offer many other theories. They claim that the Mona Lisa prototype is another Florentine noble woman, prostitute, street prostitute, artist's gay lover or even the painting author .

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