The steps needed to survive the super typhoon

The Inquirer of the Philippines, which is suffering from the world's largest typhoon in the past year, recommends that people follow 3 steps before, during and after the storm to be safe.

1. Prepare before the storm

Upon hearing the news of the storm coming, people in the storms will land, so stock up on food and water. Everyone should prepare fast food, no need to cook in case of rush. In addition, people should prepare lighting devices such as flashlights and candles to prevent storms causing power outages; Battery-powered radio or fully charged phone battery to update information. also recommends that people in the storm area should check their houses to repair uncertain places, in order to prevent high winds from falling. If families raise livestock and poultry, they need to move them to a safe place.

Fishermen should check their boats, fix them in safe places when the storm is about to attack.

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2. During the storm

When the storm came, advised those who did not evacuate to government shelters to stay indoors to avoid objects such as trees and houses falling into people. Besides, people should constantly update disaster information to have the next direction. People should also prepare candles, flashlights and store them in their bodies so they can be used immediately after a power failure due to a storm.

People should avoid going into the water to prevent electric shock or stepping on sharp objects. The storm could cause the wire to break, falling into the water, causing danger. If people move to evacuation centers, close the doors and turn off the power first to protect the house. At the same time, people should place important furniture on a high ground to avoid having these objects stick with water.

3. After the storm

If the house is destroyed by storms, people should consider and judge. If the house is really safe, then everyone comes in. In addition, people in the storm should also watch for dangerous animals such as snakes that crawl into the house. Electric wires falling into the water should also be taken care of in case of electric shock. The final step is to clean up the 'battlefield' caused by the storm so that people can return to their normal rhythm.

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