10 'athletes' in the animal world

To complete, each worker ant must at least remove soil piles weighing many times its weight and move the distance equivalent to more than 0.8km.

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The beetle has small horns but can lift 850 times its body weight. A terrible number, sounds like Heracles' power. If the human is as powerful as the beetle, he can lift 10 elephants 5 tons at a time.

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The average weight of elephants is about 5.5 tons, can carry objects on the back weighing up to 9 tons. That is, an elephant can carry 130 adults on his back, more than a modern bus.

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Leaf-cut ants can lift objects weighing 50 times its body weight. This is similar to an adult who can lift a small truck into the air. Meanwhile, the world record only recorded someone pulling such trucks to a short distance.

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As a species of monkey-like primates, orangutans, but the gorillas are much bigger and bulky. It can lift things that are 10 times heavier than their body weight. The average male Gorrila weighs about 200 kg, can lift objects weighing 2,000 kg, equivalent to the weight of 30 adults.

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Skinhead eagles: Aerial beasts can carry prey that weighs five times its body.

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Tigers Bengan rarely have to carry heavy objects on their backs. However, the fact that it can carry heavy passes twice as much as its body and leap gently over 3m high fences, farther away from our hurdles champions. If their average mass is about 300 kg, it can carry 600 kgs.

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Bison can push or carry things that weigh more than half of their body weight through rough terrain. Their average body weight is nearly 600 kg, and it can push or carry heavy things close to a ton.

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Python is a reptile moving by belly, hard to carry on its back. However, their power is reflected in the ability to squeeze large prey with it until death. A giant python Anaconda has a mass of about 250 kg.

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The species of a horse has a small physique but the grip of its two shells can hold things twice as heavy as the body cannot move.

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The grizzly bear is the strongest of all the animals that live in the mountains. They can lift weights by 0.8 times their body weight. That means, if it weighs 800 kg, it can lift a weight of 640 kg.

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