The world famous ghost ship

Many ships were dubbed ghost ships because they mysteriously disappeared along with the entire crew without any cause.

1. Caleuche ship

Picture 1 of The world famous ghost ship Caleuche ship

According to Wonderslists, Caleuche is one of the most famous ghost ships in history. Many residents said they had encountered this ship appear every night near the island off Chile. It carries the souls of all those who died when the ship had an accident one night.

2. Ourang Medan

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In 1947, a number of British radar stations located in Singapore and Sumatra Island, Indonesia received a signal calling for help from the Dutch cargo ship Ourang Medan: " SOS . SOS is all dead . me is the only one alive ". A moment later the signal was resumed, but there was only one sentence: " I'm going to die ", and ended in silence.

Two American ships came to rescue and said the captain collapsed in the cockpit, dead crew scattered on the ship. All of them have in common is that their eyes are wide open and their faces are frightened and fearful as if they have encountered something very scary. But furniture, property and other valuable items are not stolen. Since then, Ourang Medan has become one of the most famous and mysterious ghost ships in history.

3. The Mary Celeste train

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In December 1872, the Mary Celeste merchant ship was found not floating in the Atlantic Ocean. The ship is in good condition and is heading towards Gibraltar's waist. Food and water on board is enough for 6 months. Goods remain intact, personal belongings of passengers and sailors remain in place, including precious objects. But the people on the train completely disappeared. Nobody sees or hears about them. The story of the ship Mary Celeste is still considered the biggest maritime mystery of all time.

4. Ship Carroll A. Deering

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No less strange than the case of Mary Celeste is Carroll A. Deering. The 5-masted boat was built by GGDeering in 1919. In 1921, it was found at the tip of Hatteras, North Carolina, USA. The entire crew disappeared. Deering is one of the most embellished maritime mysteries in history. Many people say that it is the victim of the Bermuda triangle, although the evidence shows the possibility of a rebellion or piracy.

5. Bel Amica Ship

Picture 5 of The world famous ghost ship Bel Amica

Bel Amica was found on the coast of the island of Sardinia on August 24, 2006. Italy's coast patrol force did not find any sailors or passengers. On the train there was an unfinished Egyptian whole meal, French maps of North Africa, a stack of clothes and a flag of Luxembourg. Investigation shows that the ship is not registered in Italy or any other country. The only clue is a wooden board with the word " Bel Amica ". Italian newspapers then reported that the ship's owner was Franc Rouayrux, in Luxembourg. Failure to register is said to tax evasion.

6. Ship High Aim 6

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High Aim 6 left the port of Liuchiu, south of Taiwan, on October 31, 2002 and was later found floating in Australian waters on January 8, 2003. The owner of the ship, Tsai Huang Shueh-er, talked last time with the captain in December 2002. The ship is registered in Taiwan and carries the Indonesian flag. The only crew member to be discovered then confessed the captain and engineer of the ship was killed. However, the motive and evolution of the rebellion is still a mystery.

7. Jian Seng Ship

Picture 7 of The world famous ghost ship Jian Seng train

Australia's patrol aircraft detected Jian Seng, an 80-meter tanker, in the Gulf of Carpentaria, northern Australia, in 2006. There was no trace of humans on the ship. Australian customs spokesman said they could not trace the registration as well as the ship's departure port. Unable to identify its owner, the Jian Seng was dragged into deep water and sunk on April 21, 2006.

8. MV Joyita

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The MV Joyita merchant ship left Samoa, in the southern Pacific, carrying 16 crew members and 9 passengers, including a government official, a doctor and two children. On the ship carrying medical equipment, wood, empty oil barrels and many other foods. Joyita's trip is expected to take only 41 to 48 hours and it will arrive in the island of Tokelau, New Zealand, on October 5, 1955 with a batch of copra. However, one day later, Tokelau announced that the ship had not docked on schedule. The other ships and the operating department did not receive any help signals from Joyita. The ship disappeared in the South Pacific along with all passengers and sailors.

9. Ship Kaz II

Picture 9 of The world famous ghost ship Ship Kaz II

Kaz II, also known as " ghost yacht ", floated off the coast of northern Australia on April 18, 2007. Kaz II left Airlie coast three days earlier. The disappearance of three sailors is described as " strange ". Officials said the yacht still worked well. On the yacht, food and knife and fork were displayed on the table, a laptop was on and the engine was still running. The ship's alarm system, including radio and GPS, is confirmed as normal and the number of life jackets on board remains intact.

10. Ship Zebrina

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Zebrina was a British cargo ship produced in 1873. In October 1917, two days after departure, it was discovered on the coast of France, all sailors disappeared. The ship is not damaged except for some disturbance on the tie.

11. Jenny Ship

Picture 11 of The world famous ghost ship Jenny ship

In 1840, a whaling ship discovered the ghost ship Jenny freezing in Antarctica after 17 years. The entire body on the ship was preserved in cold temperatures. One final pen was found in the book of the minister's route recorded on May 4, 1823."No food for 71 days. I'm the only one who survived." The captain is found frozen in a chair with a pen in his hand. Jenny has 7 people on the deck, including a woman and a dog.

12. Baychimo

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Used to trade furs with the Inuit in the frigid waters of Northern Canada, the Baychimo was stuck in ice in 1931, leaving the members to leave it to escape. For the next four decades, many sailors reported seeing the ship drifting in the Arctic Sea, even climbing the deck. The last time Baychimo appeared was in 1969, when he was stuck in the ice on the Alaska coast.

13. Ship Octavius

The sailors of the Herald whale ship discovered the ghost ship Octavius ​​on October 11, 1775. According to historians, when the Herald sailors set foot on Octavius, they found that the people on the ship were dead, their bodies were not decomposed due to the freezing cold environment. Along with the corpse of a woman, a boy and a sailor, the captain was still on the chair and holding the pen. The images showed that the captain was still writing. The Herald's team only found a few pages that were intact.

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However, what surprised them was that the last words were on November 11, 1762, which was about 13 years before Octavius ​​was discovered. After this reunion no one even saw Octavius.

14. SS Valencia

The SS Valencia was built in 1882. The last journey began on January 20, 1906 with 108 passengers and about 60 employees on board.

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On the journey from San Francisco – Seattle, due to bad weather on January 21, 1906, the ship had to stop at Cape Mendocino. Strong winds caused the ship to change direction, and on January 22, 1906, SS Valencia crashed into the reef, the ship sank. 37 passengers escaped death, others followed the ship. This is one of the most horrific sea accidents in the Pacific.

15. Lady Lovibond

The tragedy of February 13, 1748 of the Lady Lovibond came from the love triangle. At that time, Simon Reed, the captain of Lady Lovibond, was celebrating with his wife after a wedding with some people on the boat. John Rivers, who steered the ship Lady Lovibond, who was secretly in love with her, missed Reed's wife. Jealousy emerged, Rivers drove the ship into the sand of Goodwind Sands. The incident caused all the people on board to die.

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So far, people have whispered stories, the ghost ship appeared every 50 years. It was seen in 1798, 1848, 1898 and 1948. However, there is no information about the appearance of the ghost ship in 1998.