Ghost images of the world famous

Whether the devil in this world is still a big question mark. But when you look at the scary pictures below you can hardly believe their existence?

The girl sat on the grave

In 1991, the photo " The Girl Sitting on the Grave " appeared in a series of newspapers in the US including Chicago Sun-Times and National Examiner, as well as confirming the mysterious existence of a world. Surreal spiritual world.

The black-and-white photo was taken on August 10, 1991 during a field trip of a group of GRS members at the Bachelor's Grove cemetery. Jude Huff-Felz - the author of the photo - is probably the only person in the group to capture rare photos, because all the tools and equipment that were carried that day were suddenly unreadable.

The ' girl sitting on the grave ' suddenly entered the lens, which was a young woman with a pale face and sullen posture. The clothes she wore on her had been in an old fashion for decades. And the details that made people ' goosebumps ' the most were the girl's body that looked as transparent as crystal.

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Face on the window

The woman's husband in this picture took this picture in a hot sunny afternoon with normal print. That day was the first day they moved to a new apartment in Chicago, Illinois. Behind the left window clearly shows the face of an old haired woman, sitting next to the bull dog, but the couple are determined to insist: there is no one in the house at the time.

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Ghost in the forest

People don't know many events related to this photo, except for one single detail: both characters present in the picture have passed away. It could be seen clearly on the side of the tree, the shape of a cloudy, foggy figure that could not be identified.

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Little boy on the grass

A woman named Jackie Rhame in Florian, Alabama caught this moment in a visit to Six Flags Great America Amusement Park in Arlington, Texas. At that time it was raining, foggy, but the C-126 camera still recorded a clear picture of a young boy wearing a red sweater, with a white shirt collar sticking out.

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Red ball by the stream

This gruesome photo owner confirmed: at the time of shooting, there was no sunlight shining directly on the lens, so the lens glint effect could not occur to create a red shadow. Besides, the shadow appeared right in the center of the photo, its appearance was like a human figure.

The photo was taken by a stream in a national conservation forest.

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The lovers on the grave

In November 1982, the Sahah of Chicago, Illinois, took this picture with an SX-70 right at the grave of her mother - who died in 1934 at the age of 83. At this point perhaps people not even once heard the phrase ' photo collage technique ', and also, the SX-70 camera ' released ' this original photo 60 seconds immediately after shooting.

In the virtual scene still see every detail of the ' ghost ' lovers : the young brown-haired girl is sitting hugging the black pet in her heart, and the next lover is putting her arms around her waist lovingly. . This guy was wearing a blue T-shirt, so he could print something on his shirt.

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The monks at the haunted Hull House

This worn-out black and white photo was accidentally taken by Dale Kaczmarek at the Hull House in Chicago, Illinois in November 1980.

The author asserts that no character is hanging around the lens at the time of shooting, but in the picture it appears faintly 4 monks standing at the last steps at the bottom of the stairs. 'Teacher' stands in the middle showing the Buddha's movement: clasping his hands together, while the other 3 stand through the stairway, and seem to have no head.

Assassin on the right of Bill Rodgers - a strong athlete 4 times Boston and New York city marathon champion - is an unmistakable human skeleton . Ribs, spine bones, pelvis - each is clearly visible as if there was a fake model on the side.

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Human bones appear

Christophe DiCesare - Student at New York University in Geneseo state - took a photo at room C2D1, Erie Hall dormitory in 1985 with 35MM machine.

After many times of studying and ' reviving history ', the students were finally investigating the ghost ghost's background. It was a guy named ' Tommy ', who hung himself still in the dorm a few years ago. Since then, students living here occasionally have mysterious jerks. Even at night, a student nearly lost his heart when he saw a friend wearing a striped rugged shirt, with his head turned to one side.

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Shape of mind

The photo was taken with an ancient Polaroid camera in 1959, at a house in northern Hanover Park, Illinois, which was destroyed long ago. There is nothing worth mentioning to the girl who is contemplating on the three steps, but what no one can explain is the half-opaque object moving along the stairs ?

It was as if the fanciful smoke was pouring out of the girl's body, but according to the rich imagination of some people it came from deep inside her mind. An appearance of thoughts, in other words, the soul exits from an existing body. This picture is classified as a spiritual image .

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Sky Fire

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in June 1980 at Three Gap Valley , 12 miles west of Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada. The photo shows two sisters who are stopping at a roadside hotel, a steep slope behind them. But why is the mountain range so sweetly cut, and what are the dancing lights in the sky? It is difficult to blame the capture device, because it is the most modern type of camera at that time - Balda camera uses 120-inch coated film.

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The ghost wearing a soldier's shirt

A grave visitor at the Federal Cemetery, located near the Carnton Mansion in Franklin, Tennessee captured this scene by chance. At first glance, it seemed like there was nothing unusual, but if you looked closely at the top right corner of the picture, loitering behind the trees was the silhouette of a soldier . Looking closer, it is clear that the outfit of the Federal army.

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Ma at Gettysburg

The photo was taken by Chris Payne from Woodbridge, New Jersey, during the Gettysburg field battle in 1988, with an Instamatic 110 camera that used flash light during dusk. Right next to her sister Terri Payne - the woman in the picture, on the other side of the wheel of the cannon is a cloud of dust that swims half of the half-white and strange half .

Of course at the time of shooting both sisters did not see this object. In addition, the dust did not appear on any other photograph in the film at the same time. Some even said that they saw a dim face hidden in the mist of fantasy.

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A mysterious ball in the graveyard

No one explained why there was a ball floating in the dark between the Mt. Thabor, northern Illinois. The photo was taken by a man named Dale Kaczmarek on the summer night of June 1998 with a Polaroid machine.

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A friendly friend

Nobody knows much about the strange image behind the photo. However, it was taken by a Nokia 7250 phone in Eastwood City in Manilla that clearly saw the strange specter grabbing a woman's arm in the picture . Nobody who saw or felt at the time of shooting had an image like this friendly friend.

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