Mysterious ghost face and

Researchers have discovered images of ghostly faces and "invisible" lines of poetry, hidden in a medieval script for centuries.

Detecting ghost faces and "stealth" poetry in ancient texts

Ancient texts contain many extraordinary things: " Carmarthen's Black Book ", 54 pages thick, dating from 1250. This is the oldest handwritten work to date, including complete writings. all in Welsh from the 9th to the 12th centuries.

In 1904, Sir John Williams, founder of the National Museum of Wales, bought this 17cm x 12.5cm book. However, until recently, PhD student Myriah Williams and Professor Paul Russell of the University of Cambridge (UK) have been studying the pages of the book.

Picture 1 of Mysterious ghost face and
Modern restorative techniques reveal hidden images and words in the ancient book.(Photo: Live Science)

"The margins of manuscripts often contain lines of medieval ideas and early modern era for their content. These comments may reveal about what the ancients thought about what they were reading. The 'Black Book' is particularly noteworthy before the end of the 16th century , " said the research team.

Researchers said that a man called Jaspar Gryffyth, the owner of a book in the 16th century and who wrote his Hebrew name on the book, may have erased the lines comment. Scribbles and lines of scribbled comments have been added to this handwritten work for centuries, which has been transferred from one master to another.

Using ultraviolet light and image editing software, the team recovered the content of some scribbled lines of text that were once deleted . For example, they found in page 39 of the book that contains images of precious faces and a handwritten line with them, born around the 14th or 15th century. The next page, 40, also hides a Complete verse, may be written in the 13th century.

Experts believe that the ancient book has the ability to hide many drawings and " invisible " handwritten lines as above. They commented, a man who copied the manuscript had collected and recorded the contents of the book, from religious poetry to other poetic genres throughout his life.

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