Mysterious ghost ships (part 1)

For centuries, the truth about ghost ships has always been the obsession of seafarers. What are the fate and causes of mysterious disappearance of the crew? . probably will still be an unknown unknown answer.

The most mysterious ghost ships of the world maritime industry

'I am the only survivor .'

Around the 40s of the last century, the mysterious disappearance of all crews on the Dutch ship Urang Medana is believed to be the biggest mystery in the history of the world's maritime industry.

At that time, several British radar stations located in Singapore and Sumatra (Indonesia) reported receiving emergency signals from the Dutch Urang Medana with the content: 'SOS . SOS is all dead . I'm the only one who survived . ', followed by a series of messy characters and dots. A moment later the signal was resumed, but only one sentence was 'I'm dying', then ended with a gruesome silence.

Picture 1 of Mysterious ghost ships (part 1)
The ghost ship Urang Medana

Quick rescue searches were established and results were obtained. The ship was found in Malacca Bay , about 80 km from the previous signal. When I stepped on Urang Medana, the lifeguards immediately got scrawny before the horrifying sight of the abnormal deaths of the entire crew.

The captain was right at the control position, and the officers and sailors were scattered all over the ship. A radio operator was probably the one who issued the emergency signal, died in a working state. Even the dog on the ship had to receive an extremely unusual death when its muzzle was still baring its fangs as if threatening anyone.

The only thing in common is that on everyone's face there is a terrible fear. More strangely, there was not any sign of injury on all the corpses. The hypothesis of a pirate attack was immediately eliminated because all the valuable items on the ship were intact.

However, throughout the length of the 20th century, this was not the only disaster.

In 1955, on the Pacific Ocean, an American sailboat called MB Elip also found similar phenomena. On the ship, fresh water and reserve food were still intact, the rescue vehicles were never used, yet without a shadow.

About 5 years later, the Atlantic Ocean also appeared two British sailboats drifting. In 1970, all crews along with the British cargo ship, Minton, were suddenly and unexpectedly missing, which is still unknown. Then in 1973, an accident happened and wrecked Norway's Anna fishing boat. The sailors on other nearby ships accidentally witnessed the accident when the incident happened, they did not see anyone on the deck.

Voice from the sea

Picture 2 of Mysterious ghost ships (part 1)
One of the first pictures depicting British sailors aboard Jea Grasia spotted the ghost ship Maria Chelesta.

In the history of the maritime industry, the strange disappearance of all the crew on the famous ship Maria Chelesta is always mentioned as the greatest mystery of the ocean. In December 1872, sailors aboard British ship Jea Grasia unexpectedly encountered a sailboat moving abnormally. By the time they got close, they were surprised when the deck of Chelesta had no human figure but the steering wheel was not fixed.

A navigator and two British sailors decided to infiltrate this boat to find out the situation. There are no signs of people. The most valuable thing they found was the sea diary , in which the last day was written on November 24, 1872 (the boat was found on December 2).

This boat was taken to the English Strait of Gibraltar so that experienced experts investigated the mystery that happened to it, but every effort became hopeless.

In 1937, a Soviet physicist, Vladimir Suleykin , proposed a hypothesis that was relatively convincing. In a Kaspi voyage on a hydrofoil ship Taimur, a scientist with Vladimir Suleykin performed an experiment with a probe that was not filled with hydrogen gas : when this ball was brought close to anyone, the person suddenly There was a sharp feeling of pain in the eardrum, and when it moved away from that painful feeling it faded away.

Vladimir Suleykin immediately noticed this strange phenomenon so that soon after he made his judgment in the press, the wind blew through the waves during the rough seas that created the waves of low waves. the sound that the human ear does not hear. This sound wave is very harmful to humans. In the lower frequency band of 15 hectares, low-frequency waves not only cause damage to the membrane, but also disrupt the central nervous system and affect the vision. In the frequency band below 7 hectares, sound waves sometimes cause death to humans. Thus, where storms appear, there are sound waves. This effect was called 'the sound of the sea' by V. Suleikyn .

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