Mysterious ghost ships (part 2)

Can humans find the secrets of ill-fated ghost ships? So what is the cause of the extremely mysterious deaths of sailors on board?

The most mysterious ghost ships of the world maritime world

Sound waves deadly?

In studies of the physical impact of low- intensity sound waves on living organisms, an amazing phenomenon has been discovered.

Experiments on animals show that they all have an unexplained sense of anxiety and fear. Experiments on the body of some volunteers also gave similar results: they all felt headache, worried with a terrible fear of unknown causes.

According to Professor Gavro of France, sound at a frequency of 7 hectares can be fatal. During the storms at sea, the low-sound waves ranged from 15 hectares to nearly 6 hectares. Thus, the lower the intensity of vibration, the risk of death for humans is difficult to avoid, then, they will suffer a death with terror and terror of unknown causes. Moreover, if the body and mast of the resonant ship become n- wave, the negative effect will be more and more powerful on the person, causing them to lose their mind and then jump off the ship to run and panic. Not without any cause on many boats, the masts are broken and broken while the weather is forecasted to be free of wind.

Where does the legend of ghost ship appear?

We have more or less heard the name of a ship that went into legend with the name 'The Flying Dutchman' . A ghost ship has no shadow. Anyone who unfortunately meets it will suffer terrible misfortune.

Picture 1 of Mysterious ghost ships (part 2)
The "Dutch fly" ship with mysterious phenomena has appeared in movies.(Illustration)

According to legend, during a great storm, Captain Van Staaten was extremely difficult to control the ship to reach the Cape of Good Hope . In the chaos, all sailors on the ship asked the captain to return. Paying no heed to the suggestion of most people, Van Staaten started to slander the god and declared that he would land in the nose of Good Hope, even if he had to swim until the Lord's death. Immediately, a horrible voice from the sky rang in response to that defamation: ' Okay, then swim! '

Since then, every time there is a storm around this headland, if you look into the eye of the storm, it is assumed that you can see the image of the ghost ship and its captain is forced to bear the curse ladder forever on the vast ocean.

A sad chronicle .

The mysterious disappearance of people and ships continues in the 21st century. Is it true, those cases are related to 'the voice from the sea ' or unfortunately encountering 'the Dutch' fly '?

In 2003, the Autraulia Coast Guard aircraft found an Indonesian sailboat near the coast of the country. The ship was still in good condition, the compartment was full of fish, but there was no shadow on the train. (Previously, the ship went out to sea with 14 sailors).

Picture 2 of Mysterious ghost ships (part 2)

In 2006, Italy's Sardinhia Coast Guard found a two-column sailboat called 'Bel Amika' drifting freely without people on it. There are still leftovers and geographic maps of France on the boat. Police suspected the boat was used by smugglers to transport drugs. However, this hypothesis was immediately rejected when they used a professional dog to investigate. In the same year, not far from Australia, people found that the oil tanker Yan Seng had no shadow.

Picture 3 of Mysterious ghost ships (part 2)

In 2007, an empty 12-meter ship called 'Kaz II' was found floating in northeastern Australia . The strange thing is that the engine of the ship is still in operation, a laptop and GPS global positioning system, a dining table has been prepared. All rescue vehicles are still on board. The sail was still stretched but was torn.

Picture 4 of Mysterious ghost ships (part 2)

In 2008, the Japan Marine Security Bureau announced the discovery of a drifting barge without a name and a person on board.

Picture 5 of Mysterious ghost ships (part 2) MV Joyita cargo ship.(Illustration).

In 1955, the cargo ship MV Joyita, along with 25 passengers and crew, mysteriously disappeared in the South Pacific region. 5 weeks later, it was found in a very bad condition but not completely sunk. "What is the fate of all the crew and passengers? " Is a question that has so far not found a reasonable answer.

5 weeks later, on November 10, Captain Gerald Douglas, captain of the merchant ship Tuvalu spotted the ship at a distance of 1,000 km from the expected destination. The ship was partially sunk and no one on board, 4 tons of cargo was no longer available.

Picture 6 of Mysterious ghost ships (part 2) The entire crew on Carroll A. Deering is missing leaving a big question mark on the mysterious phenomenon the ship has experienced.(Illustration).

Carroll A. Deering - This 5-mast ship was found in a state of stranding in the waters off Cape Hatteras , North Carolina in 1921 when it left the Brazilian port of Rio de Janeiro to return to Norfolk, Virginia state ( America). All crew, personal belongings, lifeboats are missing.

There is a theory that it is possible that the ship was attacked by pirates or smugglers, the ship encountered a storm or rebel sailors and left the ship. So far, it has not been possible to adequately explain Carroll A. Deering's disappearance and is believed to be one of the largest maritime secrets in history.

Picture 7 of Mysterious ghost ships (part 2)
Baychimo in one appearance.(Illustration).

Used as a means of transporting and trading animal skins along the Canadian coast, the Baychimo is no stranger to inclement weather. On October 8, 1931, the Baychimo was stuck in the ice. After that, it escaped, but by November 24, it was missing and supposedly sunk. However, three days later, it reappeared in the sea about 45 miles away. At that time, the crew left the ship.

Decades later, the Baychimo appeared again, and some people even climbed aboard. The last time people saw Baychimo was in 1969 when he was caught in ice off the coast of Alaska . Since then, no one knows anything about it.

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