10 most beautiful birds on the planet

Birds are the only species with feathers, and the vast majority of feathers are flying. It is a characteristic to distinguish birds from other species. The world has 10,000 species of birds, among these people voted 10 species with the most colorful wings adorn the beauty of nature.

1. Golden hemorrhoids (Chrysolophus pictus)

Asian gold hemorrhoids are raised as a ornamental bird. Their homeland is in the mountains of western China, but in England and some other places there are wild populations.

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2. Flamingos (Phoenicopteridae)

Flamingos live in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. They often stand on one leg only. It is unclear why they have this habit. Their tongue is considered a cherished dish of the ancient Romans. And the miners working in the Ande Mountains hunt for flamingos because they believe their fat can cure tuberculosis.

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3. Northern imperial king (Icterus galbula)

The Northern Yellow Dragon is a very small bird with black and yellow fur alternating, weighing only 34g and 18cm long. As one of the brightly colored birds, the royal beauty is not only beautiful but also very beautiful. For that, people often use the expression "golden card rabbit" to refer to a woman.

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4. Greeting crest of Cardinals (Cardinalis cardinalis)

You probably know why people call this bird the cardinal master? The bird with bright red wings has a red hat with the head and small body, about 21-23cm in length. They have a mask in front of them, a black masked male, a gray masked female.

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5. Mandarin (Aix sponsa)

The primitive is actually just a migratory bird, belonging to the mallard family. They always have a couple and that image is likened to happy couples. The male is more beautiful than the female, the multicolored coat, moving from one color to the other is very harmonious, red eyes. The females are not as colorful as the male, the white eyes and the neck are white.

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6. Kingfisher (Halcyonidae)

There are 90 types of kingfishers altogether. The figure of the kingfisher is very unbalanced: big head, long, pointed beak, short legs, short tail. Only the clothes are beautiful. Kingfisher eyes are very fine and the speed of dive is extraordinary. Kingfisher is present worldwide.

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7. Spend color soil (Passerina ciris)

Sharing the soil is seen as the most beautiful bird in North America, looking like the color palette of painters, making people think that they are painted not the ' work ' of nature. Full of bright colors. Therefore, land sharing is easily detected and hunted because there is no ' integration '.

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8. Tucan mine (Ramphastos sulfuratus)

This bird lives in South American forests, from southern Mexico to Honduras. They are about 50cm long, around the eyes are green. The mine is large, also green but the edge of the mine is orange and the head is red. Tucan mines look big but light because of foam.

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9. Macao Parrot (Ara macao)

Large Macao parrots and feathers blend in brilliant colors. Their homeland is in tropical South America, most in Brazil and Peru. They must be known only to biologists when the Portuguese captured Macao, so they had this name.

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10. Public (Pavo)

Gong is a large bird, belonging to the pheasant family. The drum has very beautiful fur. When the drum dances (to seduce the roof), the tail is like a fan and very beautiful. In Asia, many farming countries in the family are like raising chickens for meat and eggs.

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