10 world famous glass bridges

The only drawback of the glass bridges is not for those who are afraid of height, heart weakness or are prone to stress.

Aerial observatory at Willis tower - Chicago, USA

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If you are a strong fan, do not miss the aerial observatory at the Willis tower when you arrive in Chicago. At level 103 at 412 meters above the ground, you will feel like you are floating in the air. There are two observatories in the Willis tower and both offer a spectacular view of the beautiful city of Chicago. The walls of the observatory are completely glass so you can enjoy 360-degree views to the city skyline.

Wulong National Geopark - China

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If you are a nature lover and are looking to explore the Wulong National Geopark in China, then the newly opened glass bridge here will be an ideal location. For the brave people, this is a perfect way to admire the beautiful landscape of nature. From a height of 225 meters above the ground, you can see the famous national geopark - where the movie Transformers 4 " The Era Age " serves as the setting in the film.

Chamonix glass bridge - France

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Chamonix glass bridge is the only place where you can admire the French Alps from different angles. In fact Chamonix is ​​part of Mont Blanc , the highest peak of the Alps whose landscape here is beautiful. If you are brave enough and decide to walk on it, you will stand above the nearest ridge about a kilometer. Enjoy the natural landscape from different angles that only this glass bridge has.

Grand Canyon West Rim - Arizona, USA

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Considered to be the most beautiful canyon in the world, the Grand Canyon also possesses a very famous glass bridge. The glass bridge at the Grand Canyon National Park offers visitors an overview of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. Located at an altitude of 1,219 meters above the Colorado River it provides a clear view through the glass. It opened in 2007 and still holds the title as the safest glass bridge in the world.

Glass bridge "Flying saucer", gorge Si Lam - Beijing, China

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With an area of ​​415 square meters, the "Flying Disc" glass bridge is the largest (glass) sightseeing floor in the world. Opened last year, it welcomed the first brave travelers in April. They will accept the challenge of walking around the "flying saucer" at a height of 400 meters from the foot of the cliff. The Glass Bay Bay Bridge offers visitors a panoramic view of the beauty of the mountains here and is the main tourist attraction of Pinggu District, Beijing.

Blackpool Tower - Blackpool, England

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Blackpool is the best summer beach destination in the UK and Blackpool Tower is one of the city's main tourist attractions. The Blackpool Tower was opened to the public in 1894 and was inspired by the Eiffel Tower. After being upgraded at a cost of £ 20 million in 2011, Blackpool tower opened a new attraction that glass bridge. All intrepid travelers are welcome to make a " brave walk " and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach below. Enjoying the sunset on the sea here is an experience that visitors cannot forget.

Glass bridge in Tianmen Mountain - Zhangjiajie, China

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Even the name of this glass bridge is dramatic and scary - "Walk of Faith" (Walk of Faith). The pavement is paved with glass panels throughout the mound of cliffs at a height of 1,430 meters at the Forest Park of Tianmen Mountain National Park, providing visitors with a great view of the beauty of fantasy nature here.

Dongfang TV Tower Mingzhou - Shanghai, China

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The slogan in this attraction is " flying over glass" . If you want to experience the feeling of flying in the air, go to the glass bridge at the Dongfang Mingzhou TV Tower, located in Shanghai's East Quarter. Minh Chau Dong Phuong TV Tower was built with 3 spherical structures from bottom to top; glass bridge located in the highest sphere.

Hao Han Qiao - China

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Call it " Hao Han Kieu " (Bridge of Hao Han) completely accurate. Previously it was a wooden bridge connecting the two mountains in Hunan Province Geopark. By 2014, people replaced a piece of glass bridge paving and visitors increased significantly. This has led to the idea of ​​replacing the glass for the entire bridge.

If you are brave enough to walk 300 meters to the other side of the bridge at a height of 180 meters from the bridge looking down into the valley below, then you deserve to receive the title of drought. Not to mention you will be able to enjoy the majestic natural scenery, and stretch your eyes without being covered by anything.

Glacier glass bridge (glacier) - Canada

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Glacier glass is located above the beautiful Sunwapta valley in Jasper National Park. With a height of 280 m above the ground, it is a tourist attraction that attracts many visitors. Located on the edge of a cliff, Glacier glass bridge offers visitors a panoramic view of the majestic scenery of nature. Especially when winter comes, the route falls white on the peaks, visitors will admire the beautiful scenery at this place.

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