11-year-old girl cries blood in India

An anonymous mother in India was shocked to see the image of blood spilling naturally from her daughter's eyes.

A recent study by ophthalmologists from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi described in detail the strange and extremely rare medical phenomenon called haemolacria in an 11-year-old girl.

Picture 1 of 11-year-old girl cries blood in India
The 11-year-old girl in India has not yet been found the cause of bloody crying.

According to the girl's mother, bloody tears happened daily 7 days ago. Remarkably, girls do not show any pain or emotional problems. Meanwhile, red blood streaks suddenly run down a child's cheek for a few minutes, two to three times a day.

"I was very scared about her daughter's health. The blood flowing from her eyes was horrible. I hope there will be no similar thing in the future," the 11-year-old mother said.

Doctors of the clinic have done tests to find out the cause, but the actual results are still not available. The patient also has no history of injury or illness. Her tears appeared intact. Other than blood, the liquid emitted from her tear duct was nothing out of the ordinary.

With all the clinical manifestations, the experts cannot give a clue that could help them understand the cause. While waiting for the cause and solution, the girl will continue crying blood. The case of a girl is one of the very rare cases in medical history.

In 2019, a medical study described a haemolacria case similar to the recent case in India of a 16-year-old girl hospitalized in Bangladesh.

The researchers suggest that it is possible in at least some hormone cases to play a role . A 1991 study tested the hidden blood in tears of 125 healthy girls volunteers. The researchers found blood traces in nearly 1% of them, most often during the menstrual cycle.

But two years ago, a middle-aged man appeared in the emergency department in Italy with blood flowing from his eyes confused scientists because it did not seem to be related to gender issues.

In that case, a possible cause for doctors to think about is that the man seems to have hypertension in the retina, resulting in an excess of blood appearing in the membrane covering the eyeball.

There are many other health conditions that may also help explain some cases of bloody crying, such as the inherited Osler-Weber-Rendu hemorrhagic syndrome . Or the effects of certain medications can also cause blood to leak into the tear glands.

However, in the case of poor 11-year-old girl in India has not yet found the cause. Although bloody crying can easily disappear as strangely and abruptly as it begins.

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