2 copies of Earth crashed into each other, shooting debris across space

The tragedy Theia-sized planet The planet crashed into Earth several billion years ago has repeated in another solar system.

Humans are always worried about the asteroid attack. An asteroid estimated at more than 10km has killed dinosaurs and caused widespread extinction. But in the universe there is a worse kind of disaster: the attack of a real planet.

Research by Alycia Weinberger scientist from Carnegie Science Institute (USA) and colleagues analyzed the panorama of such a disaster. In another planetary system called BD +20 307 10 , there are two planets of the same type and big as the Earth that crashed into each other, launching countless spaces of hot dust and debris.

Picture 1 of 2 copies of Earth crashed into each other, shooting debris across space
Two Earth-like planets have just slammed into each other, splattering around the universe - (NASA graphic image based on SOFIA data) .

Previously, they used data from the Infrared Astronomical Observatory (SOFIA) to examine the asteroid system.

From 10 years ago, a tragedy of a space disaster was an unusual warm dust cloud. It is 10 times hotter than the Kuiper Belt of the Solar System, proving it is not a collection of wandering asteroids. Currently, the cloud is 10% denser.

It was the cloud that revealed the devastating collision of two unimaginably large objects, which, according to analysis results, were two rocky planets as big as Earth. The key collision could also lead to many smaller collisions by the hot debris that these two planets burst when they burst into space.

Scientists still do not know the final fate of the two planets.

These spatial disasters are not necessarily death. About 4-4.5 billion years ago, the earth suffered a similar disaster: a hypothetical planet called Theia, the size of Mars crashed into our planet. From the two cold spheres, they turned into a hot body.

Some studies suggest that when Theia collided, Theia brought the germ of life to the Earth itself and made the necessary changes for our planet to have the first life-giving reactions. The Earth survived and changed for the better, but Theia was "swallowed up" completely, merging with the rest of the Earth. Some fragments of both planets collided, forming the Moon.

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