8 facts about life make sure you don't know the many industry professionals reveal

Recently on the Reddit forum, there is a topic that has attracted a lot of interest from the online community. That is the share of experts from many different professions, about the truth related to their work that you have never heard of.

The article is extremely much shared. There is something that is essentially a forum, we will not know how reliable the information is on it.

But with this article, please rest assured! You will see the truths that ensure few people know, but still have science against the back.

1. Lifeguard: "Drowning is a silent death"

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Share of a lifeguard : "I used to drag a kid to shore, which was really only a few dozen centimeters away from a group of adults. His head was sinking, not drowning. who know".

Scientific truth: This is true! In the film, we often see drowners who have the ability to chant, struggle, and touch the attention of others. But in fact, to shout out the sound we need to breathe air into the lungs, but the person who is drowning is unable to do so.

They couldn't even raise their hands for help, because their hands were still busy swinging to the side to make it float.

2. IT professionals: 3 months of changing passwords once does not make your account more secure

IT expert sharing: "The policy of requiring users to change passwords every 90 people doesn't make the system safer. It even makes the account easier to lose."

Scientific truth: This is partly true. On the one hand, changing passwords regularly will not help users think of more diverse passwords, most will change a few characters on the old password, and this will not make your account safer. how much.

But in case you regularly give new, special and duplicate passwords, security is also higher.

3. Psychologists: Most of us are able to detect lies

Psychologist shared: " Most people are poor at the ability to detect lies, the maximum is usually only about 50% when checking. The rate will increase if it is a relative, but not worth it. It's ridiculous that people always think that they are good at finding lies and it turns out to be lower than usual. "

Scientific truth: This is true. According to the 2006 experiment from Texas Christian University (USA), everyone guessed correctly at 54%.

4. Tattoo artist: "Never touch new tattoos"

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Sharing of tattoo artists : "It is not good to wash your hands and touch new tattoos. I have had to increase many times to prevent customers from doing that."

Scientific truth: That's right! The new tattoo is basically an open wound, so touching it with it will increase the risk of infection. More precisely, it is best not to touch, to make it heal faster.

5. Hairdresser: Do you think platinum dyeing is easy?

Share of hairdresser : "You have no way from black hair to silver or platinum gold just once to dye. It takes many times, but 9:10 in case your hair becomes so damaged unrecoverable".

Scientific truth: This is partly true. The darker the hair, the more time you need to remove hair and lighten up. This process is very harmful, but if you patiently separate the stains for a few weeks, your hair will be safer and healthier.

6. Cancer doctor: Actually, everyone has cancer cells

Cancer doctor's share : "Cancer cells actually appear in the body every day, but the system kills them before they can harm. So most of us can be alert and happy to live each days without worrying much ".

Scientific truth: Yes! The human body can produce a lot of new cells every day, to the point of being unable to count, and a rate of which is potentially dangerous. If not destroyed soon, they can develop into tumors.

7. Pilot: No flight is perfect

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Pilot's share : "There is no plane that works perfectly. All aircraft in use today have some maintenance problems, just not serious to affect flight safety. only ".

Scientific truth: This may be true , since there were a number of former aviation employees who revealed the same thing. But don't worry too much: most errors are not serious to affect the flight.

8. Doctor: Always tell your doctor if you are taking herbal medicine

Doctor's share: "Most herbs can cause unwanted side effects when taken with medications. So you need to tell the doctor everything you are loading into people every day."

Scientific truth : This is true . That's not to mention that herbs are sometimes dangerous to the body, so absolutely do not drink unless instructed by a doctor or a professional.

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