Aircraft 'suicide' to kill the enemy

The US military will own small unmanned aerial vehicles capable of penetrating enemy targets with very high accuracy.

Nowadays many soldiers can use small unmanned aerial vehicles to observe targets from afar. But if they want to destroy them, they need support from artillery, rockets or fighters. In many cases, the target moves to a safe location when soldiers wait for support, causing them to lose the chance to destroy the target.

Picture 1 of Aircraft 'suicide' to kill the enemy
US military officials hope Switchblade will increase combat effectiveness,
It also reduces the risk of casualties. (Photo: AeroVironment)

According to the Daily News , Switchblade , the name of the unmanned drones, is so small that soldiers can wear them on their backs. People can release them from a small tube. Thanks to the on-camera camera, the operator can determine the target on the screen before commanding it to hit the target at high speed.

"The unique capabilities, level of accuracy and flexibility of Switchblade attacks make it an ideal weapon for today's battles," said Bill Nichols, vice president of products for The US Army close range weapons system, said.

Of course, soldiers may still require artillery or air support after launching the Switchblade to ensure that the target is definitely destroyed. This can be done when the target is beyond the control of the Switchblade operator, or when civilians are near the target.

AeroVironment, the maker of the Switchblade, says its products can fly in automatic or remote control. The small size and electric motors do not emit any noise that allows it to reach the target without causing any attention. It can even turn off the engine before gliding from above to make a surprise attack.

The US Army's Near Field Weapons System has signed a $ 4.9 million contract with AeroVironment for the production of the Switchblade from late June.

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