Amazon launches virtual currency

Amazon is launching a new payment system for Kindle Fire tablet users in the UK. With virtual coins called "Amazon coin", customers can buy and use applications for this tablet line.

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The exchange rate for this currency is one Australian dollar = 100 pounds, which is 1 cent Amazon is equivalent to 1/100 pounds. However, the company is offering a big promotion, with customers who buy 10,000 coins at a time, they will receive an additional 10%.

Picture 1 of Amazon launches virtual currency
Amazon coins are a "double-edged" job. (Photo: guardian)

Currently, Amazon has supported 400 cents free, equivalent to 4 pounds for the British use Kindle Fire tablet.

"From now on, consumers in the United States can use Amazon funds for Appstore applications ... we are constantly innovating to make sure our customers are getting the most out of Amazon," said Jorrit Van der Meulen, vice president of Amazon Kindle Fire. Increased customer interest and we believe customers will love Amazon's cents.

According to Enders analyst Ian Maude, this 'typos' will help Amazon be paid ahead, boosting its cash flow and potentially boosting sales of Kindle Fire tablets. "For parents, they can buy Amazon coins for children using the app instead of giving them credit cards. But, for adults, there may be other benefits besides reducing the price , " he said.

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