Car glass smashes in an emergency situation is more difficult than you think

Today's glass doors are mostly multi-layered and nearly impossible to break.

Imagine you are in a situation where your car is off the road and falling into a lake or a pond, you are still awake, the only regret is that the car is submerged in water.

You can stay calm and try to grab the small red hammer hanging by the window, constantly banging on the glass door next to the driver's seat. The cracks began to appear but did not break no matter how hard you tried. It's too late to find a way to open the door and you're stuck in your car.

The story may sound scary, but according to research, it actually appears more popular than you think. Part of the reason for this is because many cars manufactured today are no longer using tempered glass , instead turning to laminated glass for reasons safe. Another cause comes from the quality of some glass breaking tools not as advertised.

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Think about choosing an emergency prevention tool.

Until recently, the majority of glass used for car windows was only one-layer toughened glass. If you still do not know what the toughened glass for a car is, then this material is treated so that when broken, it will create a multitude of small glass beads instead of sharp shards, endangering people in the car. . Currently, it is still the standard for most vehicles, but manufacturers are becoming more and more interested in laminated glass - which has been used for windshields for decades - because of its ability to break down. when encountering a collision.

This feature is essential because the investigation parameters have shown that a large number of drivers and passengers are thrown out of the car in accidents. Experts are changing standards to try to solve the problem. If the glass does not break, the unfortunate incident did not occur.

Unfortunately, the side effect is that in an emergency situation, it is necessary to break the glass to escape, so the glazing is too strong .

So if the car uses laminated glass, how should it be handled? According to the study, the rear window can still be made of toughened glass, but it's best to check your vehicle in advance. Otherwise, in a flooded situation, you need to quickly slide the window down as quickly as possible before the pressure of the water stops you from doing so.

What if the car is still using the toughened glass standard?Think about choosing an emergency prevention tool . Usually there are two options. The first is a very popular hammer. This tool is usually compact, covered with bright plastic, with sharp steel heads to smash glass.

Another type of device is to pin a spring to the glass to break it. This type is quite amazing because it does not depend on whether you have the conditions to use the hammer or not and does not require too much arm force.

The researchers tested six emergency tools, three types of hammers and three types of springs. Only four of the tools can break toughened glass and none of them can break the glass. The study also showed that the use of springs is more effective in testing for toughened glass.

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