Cause hot water bottle leak and how to prevent it

In order to avoid the tragic deaths of electric shock when using hot and cold water bottles, people need to equip themselves with safety knowledge when using hot and cold water bottles in the family and how to handle when there are similar situations. self happens.

1. Misconceptions in using water heaters

According to engineer Nguyen Huy Mao, former official of the Military Technical Institute said that there are many causes of electric leakage in hot and cold water bottles , and sometimes the lack of understanding of people about the use of water heaters has caused Great graphics for yourself.

In the process of using, many people mistakenly believe that the heater has the relay disconnected, so it is safe to plug the power 24/24, even while taking a bath. In fact, this relay is only responsible for controlling the water temperature of the flask. When used, the water temperature is low, the relay automatically supplies power, the high water temperature relays the power automatically, not the protection function of leakage to the water.

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Remember that the self-releasing relay only has the function of adjusting the temperature, not the ability to resist electric leakage

It is the continuous plugging in the wire that makes the sewing wire, conductor . can be damaged due to overload operation causing electrical leakage. Normally, the electric leakage of the heater will occur when there is a circuit from the machine wire compared to the external environment. When the insulation of mayso is corroded, peeled or broken, electrical leakage will occur.

In addition, many consumers " innocent " hot bath, cold bath without noticing the " old " of the heater. In fact, during use, the equipment can be corroded, peeling causing electrical leakage, for example, the power cord is installed together with long-term water pipes, so the shell is crunchy, leaking and causing electric leakage.

Another case is that the rubber gasket insulated between the sewing thread, the shell and the wire can be cracked and peeled, causing water to conduct electricity to the outside, causing danger to the user .

You should also know that the more dirty the water is, the more likely it is to conduct electricity . Accordingly, the hot and cold water heater will be exposed to dirty water, making the risk of electric shock higher than using clean water.

2. Principle of operation of the heater

The principle of operation of a hot and cold water bottle is like an electric kettle, ie, making hot water by resistance (mayso wire). Usually the existing hot and cold water tank has an internal sensor so users can rotate the button to set the heating temperature and the bottle will automatically turn off when it reaches a certain temperature.

In addition, the accident may also be caused by the long-term use of the bottle, causing the outer shell of the wire to crack, water to penetrate into it, so the electricity is contaminated. there is a phenomenon of electrical leakage: It is when the resistance wire touches the outer shell causing electricity to leak to the shell and then to the water. The reason for this leakage phenomenon may be at the fault of the manufacturer who placed the mayso wire not in the central position, too close to the shell or due to the long-term use of deformed wire, the insulating powder layer between the wire and The shell is deformed, causing the mayso wire to touch the shell, or the insulation pad at the end of the wire is broken.

3. Safety principles when using a heater

  • Turn off the heater before showering to avoid electric leakage during bathing.
  • Do not use old, old, hot and cold jars. Regularly maintain and maintain the heater, check the safety of the wires.
  • The principle of operation of the heater is heating up so it does not cause electricity loss during startup. Therefore, should not turn on the average 24 / 24h hot water just cause electricity and create a risk of damage due to overloading. Only turn on the heater before bathing for 5-10 minutes.
  • Regularly check by using a pen to test the electric light on the water pipe or directly into the water. If the power is detected, disconnect the circuit breaker and check the whole heater again to correct the error.
  • Installing anti-shock devices (some new models of hot and cold water bottles have integrated anti-shock devices). When there is a shock, the device will automatically power off.

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Regularly check and maintain the heater and other electrical appliances in the family

4. How to deal with electric shock in the bathroom

The doctors said that when people see electric shock in the bathroom, should not rush to rescue immediately but must disconnect the circuit breaker first. Because if you immediately come and touch the victim, the power source may still be in contact with the victim, causing a shock to the rescue.

After disconnecting the bathroom breaker or circuit breaker, use non-conductive materials such as bamboo sticks, wood, and dry plastic to pull the victim out of contact with the electrifying water. Take the victim to a dry place, check if the victim is still breathing, move or not. If you do not see these signs, quickly conduct cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the victim.

Picture 3 of Cause hot water bottle leak and how to prevent it
Please disconnect the circuit breaker before taking the victim to a dry place to take first aid steps

Specifically, put the victim on his or her back, the victim's head is lower than the leg and then blow the breath and squeeze the heart out of the chest (using two overlapping hands placed in the 1/3 position under the sternum, then press the cage firmly) Timely chest). Just blow once, squeeze your heart 4 times, until the victim is awake, breathe again. When you see the victim breathe again, immediately take it to the nearest hospital for timely emergency.

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