China launches garbage classification robot

Robots are equipped with machine learning technology and artificial intelligence, capable of classifying four different waste categories for recycling.

Robots are equipped with artificial intelligence technology, capable of identifying and classifying four different waste groups for recycling.

China on November 5 unveiled a new automatic sorting robot at the Second International Import Exhibition (CIIE) in Shanghai. The device developed by ABB industrial robot maker is a combination of YuMi machine arms and IRB 1200 material handling robots.

Picture 1 of China launches garbage classification robot Photo 1 of China launches garbage classification robot
Garbage after sorting is moved to the place where it is collected for recycling.

YuMi is responsible for sorting waste into four different groups, from hazardous waste to recyclable materials. Waste after sorting is transferred to IRB 1200 robots by conveyor belt, where they are collected for recycling.

According to Cui Hengfeng, an ABB engineer, the system uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology, allowing for the identification of new types of waste that can be created in the future. Robots have the ability to learn and upgrade themselves to operate better in a fully automated digital process.

It can also be customized for use in many other areas such as quality control, product management on assembly lines and material classifications.

CIIE will take place from November 5 to November 10. According to the plan, more than 40 Chinese cities will be added to the waste sorting network in the near future.

Robot demonstrates its ability to sort waste at the CIIE show.(Video: Xinhua).

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