China wants to dominate global artificial intelligence

According to a recently announced plan, China wants to develop artificial intelligence (AI) and is determined to reach more than $ 59.07 billion in revenue by 2025.

The plan demonstrates China's ambition to conquer the world's leading artificial intelligence (AI) industry, which was announced on July 20.

By 2020, the value of the industry will exceed 150 billion yuan, by 2020 it will be more than 400 billion yuan ($ 59.07 billion) and become the leading country. bridge in this area by 2030.

Picture 1 of China wants to dominate global artificial intelligence
China has specific plans to conquer the industry's leading artificial intelligence - (Photo: Internet).

The plan is similar to the US plan to develop artificial intelligence last October. "The situation with China in terms of national security and international competition is complex ... we must take the initiative to grasp the new stage of artificial intelligence and create a new direction. new competition '.

The plan comes as the United States is stepping up controls on investments, including artificial intelligence, because of concerns that countries including China could access strategic technology. This important military.

In its plan, China is keen to catch up with technology-leading nations to overcome current problems, including the lack of computer chips and advanced equipment, software, and staff. educate.

Strategic plans are also designed to strengthen linkages between private companies, research institutions and military agencies to assist each other in the AI industry.

The plan also disclosed the enhancement of the role of government in driving AI development, with policy support and market regulation as well as safety assessment and control.

Recently, China has invested in the field of artificial intelligence. Some of China's leading companies have set up research facilities in the US, including Baidu Inc (BIDU.O) and Tencent Holdings Ltd (0700.HK).

In this year's policy report, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang views AI as a strategic technology and one of the top development priorities.