Chinese police wear crime detectors

Just glance at the opposite person, the police can tell if they are criminals. No need for them to report, the police can get all the information from their name, gender, ethnicity and address.

Police in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province (China) arrested at least 7 suspects, including traffickers and found 26 cases of using fake ID cards with just a glance.

But how do they do this? It is thanks to the high-tech sunglasses worn by police officers on duty. It reminds people of the fictional film Black Mirror, according to AFP News Agency.

Picture 1 of Chinese police wear crime detectors
Policewoman wearing high-tech sunglasses on duty at Zhengzhou Railway Station - (Photo: AFP).

In fact, it is a sunglasses equipped with a camera connected to a smartphone-like device. Using face scanning technology, data from glass will be sent to the data center to compare and quickly respond to police officers in very fast time.

Thanks to that, the police can tell if their target is a wanted crime. It even tells the police the hotel address and Internet usage habits of the opposite.

Of course, in order to do this, there is a data center that contains all the information, identities and identities of the people, not just limited to Zhengzhou City or Henan Province.

China has long built this database and is aggressively ending it in potential destabilizing areas like Xinjiang.

In other words, Zhengzhou Police's high-tech sunglasses are only part of the Chinese-built surveillance ecosystem to control more than 1.4 billion people. Not surprisingly, it was criticized by human rights organizations.

However, on the positive side, during the "Spring Transport" - once a year in China, where hundreds of millions of people return home to celebrate the new year, applications such as sunglasses and monitoring systems are solid. useful.

Picture 2 of Chinese police wear crime detectors
It doesn't take long for the police to know the information of the other person just by looking at them - (Photo: AFP).

Foreign experts commented that China is surpassing Western countries in surveillance technology through face recognition. That's because Chinese law protects very limited personal privacy and uses images, fingerprints or other personal details have become the habit of Chinese people.

This led to another speculation that through smart phones that required security with fingerprints or iris, the Beijing government secretly built a data warehouse for the monitoring ecosystem.

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