Close up of the majestic mountains on Mars

In the NASA image recently announced by the exploration robot, Mars has majestic mountains and vast deserts that are very similar to the earth!

This is the true image you will see when you set foot on Mars. Scientists only slightly tweak the brightness so you can see more clearly the landscape, like it is being illuminated by sunlight.

Picture 1 of Close up of the majestic mountains on Mars
This is the real landscape on Mars - (photo: NASA).

These images are the result of Mars Curiosity Rover's five-year adventure, NASA's probe helicopters landed on Mars on August 5, 2012.

Although only recorded in nearly 18km 2 but clips and images published by NASA enough to show us that Mars has a very similar terrain.

This is a land plot belonging to, with a diameter of more than 154.5km, with interesting places such as Peace Vallis, Yellowknife Bay, Ireson hill . and distant mountains of several kilometers high. Currently Mars Curiosity Rover is still fulfilling its mission with the biggest goal of researching a place called Clay Unit - a place that contains many minerals formed from clay.

Also related to Mars, a new study published in scientific journal Nature Astronomy seems to explain how water disappears. These are the planetary dust storms that cause water vapor to travel to a higher altitude and increase the volume up to 100 times, meaning that water and air are lost to space. The study is based on findings from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor.

Previous studies have shown that several billion years ago, Mars was a green planet like the Earth with vast oceans and possibly even life ever existed. Unfortunately, the planet's surface has dried up today. However, scientists also found some evidence that there may be groundwater on the planet.

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